Smash Colors 3D: Swing & Dash is an exhilarating rhythm game that will get your heart racing! With its vibrant visuals and catchy music, this game is a treat for both the eyes and ears. Your goal is to swing a cube and dash through a colorful world, smashing incoming obstacles to the rhythm of the music. Test your reflexes, unlock new skins, and compete with players worldwide in this addictive and fast-paced game. Get ready to immerse yourself in the world of Smash Colors 3D and enjoy a thrilling gaming experience!

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There are so many ads, at first I thought reviewers were overexaggerating, but even if I played a game for only 30 seconds I get an ad. There's also a lack of organization, the genre of music or level of difficulty are not sorted. It makes it hard for me to find a song I like or an easy level. The hp thing I don't like because I only get two chances to miss, but the game is really fun if you don't focus on this stuff.

I like it, the beats match up pretty accurately- I usually add a bunch of my own music, which is mostly k hip-hop and has a faster beat, the game still gets the beat right. However, the ads are unbearable and you have to pay 7.99 a WEEK. Why can't it be a one-time purchase? It's annoying that I have to pay almost $8 a month just to get rid of ads. I could buy Hulu for a MONTH for that price. It'd be nice if the ads were a bit cut down on and if you want to get no ads, just a one-time purchase..

5/5 great game. I do have some ideas though of what small changes that could leave a big but positive impact. So when you download the app and open it, there should be a (pop-up) that says select language and after that brings up one more (pop-up)that says preferred music and the pop-up shows selections of different genres and you can select them. And if you wanna explore new genres as a user, you can. These are just ideas but feel free to input them.

The game is fine, but the levels are far too easy. A bit of challenge would help the game. Expert levels just adds more straightaways. What about going to the top of the circle, having an inverted feeling as more of a challenge. This may be first impression as I have not unlocked it all, but allow more of that at the beginning. Also, don't make the Easy, Hard, and Expert completely different boxes of the same song. Put faded as one box then have little options that say the difficulties available

So many ads! 1st is this game fun? Yes it actually is. I wish there was a little more verity of songs but a fun way to kill time. 2nd, be prepared for ads! You have to watch a 30 second ad to unlock a song AND then another ad AFTER the song! I had to watch an ad just to get into the options menu!! Now I understand there needs to be ads to pay for songs and to make money but when I have to watch over 2 minutes of ads just to play 2 songs is ridiculous

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Music Ball Game with Color Matching 👍We optimized the game experience on some devices.
Tip: 🎵Music Adjustment (Setting Page) will greatly help you match the rhythm.
New characters! New scene design!
Please enjoy this update.
The music will never end as long as you can follow the rhythm!

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