Skyweaver is an innovative digital trading card game and deck builder that combines strategic gameplay with visually stunning artwork. The game offers a unique experience where players can collect and trade digital cards to create customized decks. With a variety of cards and abilities to choose from, players can challenge opponents in fast-paced, engaging battles. Skyweaver also features a vibrant online community where players can connect, compete, and collaborate. Whether you’re a seasoned TCG veteran or a newcomer to the genre, Skyweaver offers a fresh and exciting approach to trading card games.

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Skyweaver – TCG & Deck Builder

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Skyweaver – TCG & Deck Builder Review

So I first reviewed Skyweaver back in September of 2022, at a time when the game was in a very buggy mess. I feel as though it is time to change this and give it 5 stars. My big complaints about Skyweaver have long been solved, and this is arguably the best crypto game on the market. You don't need to put a cent in to have fun, new cards come in at a steady rate, and with the hero reworks rolling in a whole new layer of play is unfolding. I highly recommend newcomers to come in and have fun.

The game has a fun card battler but I have issues with it. 1. the game has a very small community so finding opponents take a while, which. sucks since after level 20 or so you are forced to fight other players to keep leveling up. 2. any purchase or cards sold is done with crypto and most options have a minimum purchase of 100 credits, which is rather equal to USD currency so... 100 for 100. 3. the game crashes too often during combat

Great graphics and animations. Easy to understand mechanics. You can pay for cards which essentially makes it pay to play. Horrendous UI for mobile menus, making the game practically unplayable while trying to make decks. All the cards while in play all have very extensive descriptions which can be very quickly overwhelming and hard to keep up to whats happening. All around neat game that I would love to come back to once it is made usable for mobile. 2/5 stars.

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