Sky Trail is a fast-paced action game with parkour elements in which you’ll have to fight the bad guys for your life. Your task is to jump on the roofs, deal with the enemies and get to the helicopter where you can fly away. You will find a real obstacle course not for the faint of heart. Your opponents are ready to do anything to keep you alive. Be proactive, sweep everything in your path, break doors, climb rooftops and unleash your survival instincts. Go through exciting missions, fight against numerous enemies and enjoy dynamic gameplay.

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an3RpHxxxxx Get

- Gold x9832K, Gems x149, Coins x94852

6wsXx1xxxxx Get

- Diamonds x893, Money x41589, Resources x9648K

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Gift CodesExpiration DateTotal
L2VHrfAQTw5July 5, 2023400
IQLg3Zo7EqfnJune 25, 2023515
pUsw0u9GhqJune 9, 2023963
5upIOxFXlHAJuly 22, 2023245
XzSQOg3etEuJuly 12, 2023629

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Good concept actually. I like the first-person combat. The gun makes it way too easy. I would add ammo to prevent it from being spammed and reduce the damage it does. Diversify the enemies fighting styles and make them more aggressive in attack. Add block and dodge functions. Boss fights would be great as well. I understand this a new game and I hope it gets better features.

Great game. Took me a second to figure out the controls, but after that, I had a blast. There were ads every single mission, but it always was between the missions minus the optional ads (play to see what I mean.) Also, I wish the camera was moved based off of the phone's rotation and not the location ingame. Overall, great game.

The game is good but when I was playing through some levels, I figured that the levels repeat each other, you should also add more maps and more weapons and more skins so that could be more fun than ever, and add more bad guys and design different boss's

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Ultimate rooftop action! Bug fixes and performance improvements.

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