SkipTheDishes is a leading food delivery service that brings a wide variety of cuisines to your doorstep. With a simple online ordering system, you can browse through countless restaurant options and choose your favorite dishes. Whether you’re craving pizza, sushi, or Indian curry, SkipTheDishes has got you covered. They offer convenient delivery options, allowing you to enjoy delicious food without leaving the comfort of your home. SkipTheDishes is available in many cities and is known for its quick and reliable service.

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I've mostly had awesome experiences with this company. Just one time, the restaurant was failing to confirm the order, and it would have been nice to get an actual refund, but I did get an extra 5$ of skip credits above what the cost of my order was. The orders are always on time and I love that you can track it! The drivers are always friendly and professional.

The app is pretty easy to navigate and order from, and they usually have a good variety of restaurants to choose from. BUT! Their customer service is poor -- if there's an error, all they'll do is give you a credit, not help you get it fixed or re-delivered, the chat function closes on its own while you're waiting for replies from a rep, they won't let the restaurant know about errors.....and there is frequently an error somewhere. They also don't give the couriers access to the order details, so they can't check the order to catch mistakes before they leave the restaurant. I think I am reasonable in expecting an accurate order if I give specific instructions, and in expecting Skip to help fix a problem instead of shrugging their shoulders and giving a credit. And USA customers, heads up: if you pay with plastic, Skip will charge you a currency conversion fee to go from $US to $Canadian (not from the bank, I checked) because their card processor is now in Manitoba (as of July 2018). I was using Skip a lot, despite the problems, but this fee has been the last straw. I have other alternatives for delivery services who will be getting my business.

Okay overall, but it's impossible to contact the courier, so you just have to hope they can arrive without issues. Even when instructions are clear, sometimes they can't find the location, or something else happens that they can't come in (broken buzzer, for example). A simple chat feature would do wonders.

Skip the dishes is very unreliable. They almost always miss items, which is very inconvenient and stressful. DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE! The only "compensation" they offer is a full refund (which takes 10 days to process) or Skip credits, which can be used right away but only cover the cost of the food, not delivery or tip. I STRONGLY DO NOT RECOMMEND.

It's more expensive than ordering from the store and the service often isn't high quality, despite the fees. Several times, my orders have had issues. This last time, I requested a refund for my order which was mostly made wrong and also had a missing item, but was refused a refund. I emailed customer service and haven't yet heard back (hopefully I will soon...). Considering switching to a different delivery service.

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Order food delivery and takeout from restaurants near you. 1. We've added a new ‘Favourites' feature; customers can now add the heart icon to their most loved local restaurants. 'Favourited' restaurants will appear in a carousel for easier search and ordering.

2. Now accepting Discover Cards. Customers can make a payment using Discover, Diners Club, as well as an additional 20+ partners such as UnionPay, BC Card, RuPay, and Verve.

3. Bug fixes and general improvements.

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