SIEGE: World War II is an intense and thrilling strategy game set during one of history’s most devastating conflicts. Command your troops, lead your nation, and dominate the battlefield in this gripping war simulation. With a wide range of units and a strategic map, players must make tough decisions to outsmart their opponents. Test your tactical skills in historical battles, ally with other players in alliances, and lay siege to enemy strongholds. Can you conquer the world and change the course of history? Play SIEGE: World War II today and find out!

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- 1500 gold, 5 gems, 2 rubies, 1 diamond, 3 equipment, 200 resources, 5000 money, and 10 items for SIEGE: World War II.

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- 50,000 gold, 100 gems, $500,000 cash, 10 diamonds, 200 resources, legendary equipment, 5 rare items.

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Gift CodesTotalExpiration Date
UPNaky2Z632September 27, 2023
5LCIZ0i9bU953October 27, 2023
07xbK13je899October 3, 2023
EO0LV3rBZQz965October 10, 2023
gYBLsA2Zd6925October 16, 2023

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SIEGE: World War II Tier List

While the concept is good, their process of matchmaking is garbage. Once you reach a certain teir level, there is no dropping back down. Most players stay within the 2500 point range, so once you hit that level you face off against people that have way more developed troops and tactics. It was fun up until that point and then it's an unfair match most of the time. Don't waste your money.

Very fun and addictive. Tired of playing people two to four tiers higher, to where I hardly stand a chance of fighting an almost certain loss. Match making needs a lot f work done. With the latest update, it's very interesting, instead of editing matchmaking, they updated the graphics. Tired of anything but a fair fight. It's very pay to win. After many months, still need to pay to have a chance

Tons of fun. Love the graphics and strategy style game play that IS NOT turn-based. Therefore you have to be a quick thinker in battle and use your tactics wisely. Would've given 5 stars but sometimes the units deployed get stuck behind buildings. It's happened to me on multiple occasions. Love the game though and active feedback from the developers and updates. Keep it up!

Not a bad game but nothing special either. The call ins are varied and allow for some interesting skill depth. But there's a frustrating habit of people rage quitting before their base is killed leading to the winner not receiving all of the victory medals that they would receive if the player didnt rage quit. I can't believe this issue isn't something the developer prepared for, a simple enough fix would be to award full medals to the winner if the other disconnects early. This major issue along with the simplistic single lane that all troops are funneled down just doesn't warrant enough for higher than 3 stars. Unless you absolutely love the ww2 theme, which graphics wise is decent, there's not much to this game.

The game started out fun... But then it turned into being pared with opponents that cheat and send out way more troops than you can. When upgrade a card, it doesn't help you move up in the rankings. There is a chance to get 5 medals but more than likely you will get 1 or 2 and 10-20 coins which makes upgrading your cards almost impossible unless you pay to play. Once you hit a high enough ranking and start losing, the game won't let you drop down in rankings. Not worth the frustration.

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PVP Card battle game in World War 2. Build an Army and join the battle! Bug fixing and UI improvements.

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