Shooting Battle is an action-packed game that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Step into the shoes of a skilled soldier and engage in intense battles against enemies from all over the world. With a wide range of weapons at your disposal, you must strategically navigate various terrains and take down your opponents to emerge victorious. Test your shooting skills, reflexes, and strategic thinking in this thrilling virtual battlefield. Are you ready for the ultimate shooting battle? Lock, load, and get ready to shoot!

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It's good, I suspect a lot of the competition is bots, though, and I don't like that. You gave an interaction menu, but you stuff a bunch of bots in who don't respond. I like the physics, could use some throatier gun sounds. But it's really not a bad game, fairly balanced, yes purchases but no ads (stick to that, please) . Five stars if I start seeing more real people and hear better muzzle sounds.

Fun at first, but levels advance much quicker than you can upgrade your weapons. No way to keep up without spending $$$. Then the game gets frustrating. Seems my "opponents" all have more advanced weaponry. Game wants to freeze occasionally and often takes 2 or 3 tries just to open it. I uninstalled and started over, thinking it was a glitch in the download, but it still happens. App won't open most of the time. Sorry, It's time for me to uninstall!

4 stars since only played game for 20 minutes and they want a review. Only problem I'm having is when you are aiming and the gun decides it wants to reload. When it does it with less than 10 seconds left, target reaquisition and accuracy is compromised & it costs you any chance of winning. Also the effect of the wind on the bullet trajectory at these short distances is so overblown (no pun intended). Head shots are great. Game is fun. Some minor adjustments need to be made as with all games

It's a fun game but when you can pay to have the best equipment from day 1 it takes the competition out of it and becomes solely relied on money to have the "nessecary upgrades to your rifle" to even continue. I understand ya'll have to get some sort of revenue to produce the game however it takes away the fun from starting at the bottom and working up through the levels. I could pay $40 to have all the best equipment and never lose a match.

So far quite enjoyable and not too many adds. The designers have done a good job of including wind to compensate for. But as the tours progress it get very difficult. You are already having a timer on your shot, which add pressure. Then you add the target moving and even more pressure, then you add another person to shoot against; you don't need to make it more difficult by having to compensate for more wind and a faster target. I am a rifle shooter for real, and there is a fun at shooting for distance for points. But the fast the targets are going, that is taking the fun out of it. And more often if you are not careful you are putting where you have to aim and shoot over your sights making it hard to even see much less hit the target.

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Test your shooting skills and play in the most competitive FPS shooting game! Fixed some crash bugs of the game. Thanks.

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