Shadowverse is a popular digital collectible card game (CCG) that allows players to collect powerful cards and build strategic decks to battle against opponents. Players can enhance their gameplay experience by redeeming special codes that provide exclusive in-game items or rewards. These codes can unlock new card packs, cosmetics, or even special events within the game. By keeping an eye out for Shadowverse CCG codes through official channels or promotions, players can stay ahead in the game and enjoy additional features that enhance their overall gaming experience.

New valid Shadowverse CCG Code

Code is hidden Get

- Obtain 20 gold, 50 crystals, and 10 card packs. Enjoy!

Code is hidden Get

- Unlock 20 card packs, 1000 gold, 5 tickets, rare emblem.

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Shadowverse CCG

List of Shadowverse CCG Codes

CODEExpiration Date
GL2M1YH0May 2, 2024
38P64JOLGYApril 25, 2024
ZTIQ1PV36May 11, 2024
YDJ9INZSP81June 17, 2024
PCWDXYIBR6May 5, 2024
P5XA4UWJJune 15, 2024
DTEYROIWGLJune 2, 2024
DRTY5179QJune 11, 2024

How to Redeem Code?

To redeem a code in Shadowverse CCG, open the game, go to the Shop menu, select Redeem Code, enter the code, and claim your rewards.

Shadowverse CCG Codes Review

I got into this game the day Dragalia Lost ended service, so I've been playing every day for a year. While it's no replacement, this is still a solid game. I'm not really into CCGs, but this is pretty good; there aren't many keywords to remember, the rules for the different factions are simple enough to follow, it's VERY F2P friendly, the artwork is appealing, and the story and characters are engaging. Also, I haven't seen any ads in the time I've been playing, which is always appreciated!

Game is visually pleasing, the mechanics are easy to understand, and best of all, the resources are plenty to open packs and make cards that are missing. My one complaint comes with the connection to servers, where I would assume for many, ends a match with disconnects. Either this is an issue on my end or with the game. But other than that, very well done. This game is fun.

The AI is either extremely underwhelming or extremely unfair. The story mode is frustrating in this way where the fights are either disappointing or so difficult to the point where it's not even fun to play. The good things about the game are definitely the art. And the stories are cool if you can manage to beat the extreme difficulty of later levels. Unique and plentiful cards reduce the issue of netdecking which is a major accomplishment in a modern card game.

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