Shades: Shadow Fight Roguelike is an exciting and immersive mobile game that combines thrilling combat with strategic roguelike elements. Enter a world of darkness and danger as you face off against formidable foes using a diverse range of martial arts techniques and powerful shadow abilities. Explore labyrinthine levels filled with treasure and challenges, and make tough decisions that impact your character’s progression. With stunning graphics and addictive gameplay, Shades: Shadow Fight Roguelike offers endless hours of thrilling entertainment for fans of action-packed mobile gaming. Are you ready to embrace the shadows and become a legendary warrior?

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- Sure! Here's a 10-word reward for Shades: Shadow Fight Roguelike:"Unlock 200 gold, 50 potions, and 10 legendary weapon skins!"

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- 1. Golden chest - 1000 gems, 5 rare weapons, 3 potions. 2. Diamond pouch - 500 gems, 2 epic armor, 5 keys. 3. Mystery box - 300 gems, 3 common accessories, 2 potions. 4. Champion's bundle - 1500 gems, 1 legendary weapon, 10 keys.

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Shades: Shadow Fight Roguelike

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CODEExpiration Date
2MJBWQY6February 27, 2024
50AOIQT2M3April 15, 2024
UT1Q49ICNMarch 21, 2024
FDYT1UG53XOApril 16, 2024
1NHSDT2MZ4March 19, 2024
GEDPZBVNFebruary 27, 2024
CKS56BJXUWMarch 5, 2024
DCK7YT9AFMarch 1, 2024

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Shades: Shadow Fight Roguelike Review

Pretty fun. But I wish that the game could be more flexible in terms of progress, for example, one thing I wish would be added is a timely upgrade to a specific weapon/armor...etc. of your own choice. Also please work on the responsiveness of the controls. How it is currently feels like a downgrade from shadow fight 2. I mean, sometimes even when I touch up/down/kick...etc. it still won't respond. Otherwise, I like the game concept itself, this can be really good.

This moment I tried to go into the game with it's loading screen giving me an option for "Header Text" and something with multiline given the options "yes" and for some reason "omeha" or something like that. I tried clicking yes and it did nothing and when I clicked the other option in red, it got me out of the game and when I got in, I lost all of my progress starting back from the beginning. I find it frustrating after making so much progress while there were bugs just to achieve nothing.

The progression system is a joke. Good luck grinding the same fight for the 100th time to get a slightly better helmet. Not only opponents are always better, but also you have the hitbox of an elephant. The second screenshot says "powerful abilities" they forgot to add (for enemies).

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