In the world of detective and thriller novels, the suspense is always at its peak. As readers flip through the pages, they are taken on a riveting journey, trying to solve the mystery alongside the detective. The plot thickens with each clue discovered, and the tension builds as the protagonist unravels the enigma. Twists and turns keep the reader on the edge of their seat, waiting for the next revelation. From gripping crime scenes to compelling characters, detective and thriller stories immerse readers in a world of intrigue and danger, making for an exhilarating and unforgettable reading experience.

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Sentence: Detective & Thriller

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Sentence: Detective & Thriller Review

Game play is fun; however, the in-game puzzles are ridiculously hard!! I have spent many days just to pass the puzzles in order to proceed. I am on the brink of deleting the game completely due to the extreme time it takes to beat the in-game puzzles!! Absolutely RIDICULOUS!!! After reading the other reviews, I obviously am NOT the only one frustrated with the insanely hard puzzles!! Creators, are you LISTENING???? Game has been DELETED!!!

It's an interesting concept and I enjoy the investigative storyline. I wish there was more examining evidence for clues rather than the inevitably frustrating mini game for "hacking". At first it's just a simple match game, but when new match items are introduced, like the replicating square, it becomes nearly impossible without purchasing coins. I'm a sucker and actually made a purchase which is something I never do (don't game drunk I guess). The concept is there, but this game is a $ grab.

Revised review: Fun story, but needs a colorblind mode; the puzzles seem to just artificially inflate how long the game is and eventually become too hard to complete without spending actual money--or extreme amounts of luck. At 55 you have 27 moves to clear 45 of each color, which is bad enough but you are limited on space by special blocks--I can't imagine it gets "easier". In addition, there are so many instances where you clear a level just to get a snippet that doesn't even forward the plot.

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