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New valid Secret Cat Forest Code

Code is hidden Get

- "Explore the forest and find 50 coins, 10 gems, and 3 potions."

Code is hidden Get

- 5 gold coins, 3 gemstones, 2 magic potions, 1 enchanted wand.

Secret rewards Get
Secret Cat Forest

List of Secret Cat Forest Codes

CODEExpiration Date
9ZBEC6JWMay 12, 2024
786N0R3FJ9June 10, 2024
YZDIB5M6NMay 27, 2024
QXDB12EIZ70June 2, 2024
RXUM96DCWOMay 29, 2024
P2H0GELRJune 18, 2024
U4TD8OIE5FJune 10, 2024
8VBQY0H1JMay 23, 2024

How to redeem Secret Cat Forest codes?

To redeem a code in Secret Cat Forest, open the game, tap on the settings icon, select "Enter Code," and input the unique code to claim rewards.

Secret Cat Forest Codes Review

I love it. Simple, calming, repetitive, adorable. No trouble collecting wood, I can collect 7,000 wood in under an hour. I dont mind watching the ad to double wood production. Once you find all the little background things to do in between it gets better. Go fishing constantly to get items. Upgrade to craft 2 or 3 items at once. You can get outfits for the cats! I wish you could choose colours for furniture and choose where to put the furniture yourself, though.

Very cute game and I love the cats. I also enjoy the fact that this game requires you to put it down in order to progress. However, I have recently noticed a bug in which the cats sometimes stay for a lot longer than they're supposed to. Since the game requires you to put it down in order to advance, further progression becomes impossible. The cats just don't leave, so you can't put down the game!

I love this game! I appreciate that the game is better when you close it and come back later, rather than playing for hours and hours. No stress, no weird timed challenges that encourage pay to play or intrusive ads that disrupt the game. Please ignore the critics who say it's boring. It's calm and peaceful. Like a forest, with cats! 😆

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