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How to redeem Scooter’s Coffee codes?

To redeem a coupon at Scooter's Coffee, present it to the cashier when placing your order to receive the applicable discount or promotion.

Scooter’s Coffee Coupon reviews

Latest update failure While the upgrade process went well, the actual use of the app is a failure. First, I can no longer see past orders, even the order I placed today. Second, I could a "failure to process" an order twice, and the suggestion was to reload. I did that the first time and processed my order again. Same result. I then looked at my CC transactions, and both went through, even though I got an error on the app. The local cashier could not cancel one, so I got double orders. PIA.

I have not been able to log in since the update! why cant you just send log in codes like everyone else does??? I even tried opening a new account with a different email, same thing. Uninstalled app, reinstalled, again. It goes from the link in email, to the Google store, you click the continue in app and it just goes back to saying they sent a link to the email. Over and over and over.

Edit: it appears they've fixed the app, so I'm upping my rating. This app was great until the latest update. Now I can't even login as they've gone "passwordless" and it causes an error when I try to login. I had a reward in my account and now I can't access it and have no idea when this issue will be fixed. Incredibly frustrating.

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