Immerse yourself in the captivating world of the Russian Village Simulator 3D, a virtual experience that transports you to the picturesque landscapes and charming lifestyle of rural Russia. In this highly realistic and immersive game, you can explore the village, interact with friendly villagers, and take part in various activities like farming, fishing, and traditional crafts. With stunning graphics and realistic sounds, Russian Village Simulator 3D offers a unique opportunity to experience the rich culture and traditions of rural Russia from the comfort of your own home.

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Russian Village Simulator 3D Tier List

It's great I love it, 1.needs work on the npc's and their interaction with the world and the player (dialog options would be epic) 2. have the ability to get girlfriends and it would also be cool if you give each npc a like meter that propels the reaction towards the player 3. weather changes Thanks for developing such an amazing game.

Great game 💥💥👌👌 but it needs improvement since it is still In development... 1. Since it's a village game player should also be able to do farming sell crops own tractors etc. the cabin view of any vehicle please add working mirrors, working speedometer, be able to open the vehicle doors 3. Players should be able to change vehicle parts since there's damage to the vehicles to improve performance. 4. Players should be able to own properties, be able to rent them OUT

So far it's good . Maybe it should have a feature where we can date someone and hang out with at night. That would be amazing

Nice game but you have to improve some graphics, places and some seasons etc by the way game is good and fun

Please make ranch simulator game for mobile all those people's who can't play PC games play these games on mobile I request to make ranch sim for mobile thanks

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Russian Village Simulator 3D Wiki

Russian Village Simulator is the simulator of Russia Village and rural life Version 1.7.1
- Bugs fixed
- Policeman voices
- Swings
- Motorcycle damage and repair in garage

Version 1.7
- Missions Chapter 3
- Motorcycle
- New town Yagodnoe

Version 1.6.3
- Post office is open. Deliver the parcel with Buhanka
- Work markers! Now it's much easier to navigate
- Optimization
- Map extended

Version 1.6.2
- Optimization
- Kamaz works fixed
- Garden work fixed
- Fitness work fixed

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