Runaway Toad Codes (2023 November) 1.0410

Last update November 23, 2023

“Runaway Toad” is a heartwarming children’s book about a mischievous toad named Toby who dreams of exploring the world. Tired of his dull life in the pond, Toby decides to embark on an exciting adventure. From jumping on lily pads to racing with dragonflies, Toby encounters various challenges and learns valuable life lessons along the way. With its whimsical illustrations and engaging storyline, “Runaway Toad” is sure to captivate young readers and inspire their curiosity for the natural world. Let Toby’s tale ignite your child’s imagination and spark a love for exploration!

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crel8V3q967December 14, 2023
zPFKLcrNiQ983December 9, 2023
9XSmFpflI583December 27, 2023
hTuFQrG43mY787December 12, 2023
aXkCNTEMBO338January 19, 2024

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Runaway Toad Tier List

This game is very fun and addictive! The graphics are amazing and the toads are very cute and unique!!! I really like that little tunnel in the stump that takes you to a strange place ( idk how to describe it) The advertisements are no issue at all too so I can play easily. I have no problems with the game, I would recommend to anyone!! Can't wait for the developer to make more games like this!!!!!!!!

Way harder than it seems. It's a simple platformer, but it's really difficult the further you get. I highly recommend you try it, definitely a nice time killer. fun art style aswell.

Really unique graphics, I like them and I liked playing this game. Wished it had more to do like mini games or something, but I overall it's a good game and fun to play. I appreciate the bubbles in game that helps you know what your objective is and that you can get different toads that have different skills. It's a solid quality game.

Great game for love it wish the next levels would slightly change cuz they all just seem the same over n over after a while ya know but also there's a prob with the sound. There's only 1 option says it's music so that's off but then I hear sound coming thru & I don't think u have a sound option to even try to turn off. But then u ose the game & next time I go to play its all back on or the music is on I gotta turn off them the sounds there all while im trying to listen to music on my phone

Good with with perfect graphics and audio . But there are some bugs. Sometimes Toad falls directly in the water from windows. Slipes from leaves , rocks , . Keep updating with customization and leveling and crafting system. Add multiplayer race

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A beautifully illustrated fantasy about a deranged princess and a runaway toad

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