Rumble Wrestling: Fight Game is the ultimate gaming experience for wrestling fans! Dive into the world of intense, high-octane matches, where you can create and customize your own wrestler. Choose from a wide variety of moves, costumes, and arenas to battle it out against your friends or AI opponents. With realistic graphics and smooth gameplay, Rumble Wrestling delivers the excitement and thrill of being in the ring. Let your inner wrestler shine and become the champion in Rumble Wrestling: Fight Game. Get ready to rumble!

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- 200 gold, 3 gems, 5 equipment, 1000 money, 2 rubies, 15 resources, 1 diamond, 10 items, 500 gold, 4 equipment.

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- 5000 gold, 100 gems, $50, 20 diamonds, 1000 resources, epic equipment, 5 legendary items.

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rv2FX7bw882October 3, 2023
oQJdXLN7IB454October 1, 2023
8CGeBf3Xb205September 27, 2023
FeTzKcb1xAN891October 20, 2023
YUKc0EyrMP307October 15, 2023

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The relatively simple gameplay is plagued by a completely-unnecessary matrix-style, slow motion effect. Each time a character gets hit, the action is brought to a snail's pace - halting player control. With most most matches lasting just mere seconds, Rumble Wrestling is plagued with an aggressive amount of ads - which players will be seeing a lot more of than playing the game itself.

GARBAGE. AD after ad, 30 seconds play time 45 seconds ad time. Don't download it. Had the game less then 3 minutes. Maybe if they gave you a chance to play it would not be such trash. Going on my android game website as one of the worse games ever!

Ok I tried this a 51 yr old big gaming wrestling fan and this looked wwe Funko Pop or bobble headed fun.and most comments about adds says from 2022 and the maker said the adds have been reduced.Dear Lord what were they before?becuz I got adds after every match or every anything all while a small screen on bottom left of a different add.if it was more before then I can't imagine anyone getting to play it at all.Still too many adds.i understand that's how things are free.But this.

It's actually a pretty addictive game and it's cool, and it's not all crazy on the ads which is always a sign that a game is good, I recommend this game to any casual fighting fan

fun and funny game real time waster if boredom kicks in for sure....characters are ,,,,really something else must laugh at the miniture wrestlers...I rate it 4 star cause I feel that the graphics needs some improvement

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Ready to be the champ of boxing? Improve your martial arts & wrestling games! Gameplay Improvements
Updated Enemy Wreslers
Latest Stunning Fight Combos
New Levels Added
New fighting skills added

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