Rope Hero: Vice Town is an action-packed game that plunges players into a chaotic open-world city. As the fearless Rope Hero, you have superhuman abilities to swing across buildings and fight crime. Explore a sprawling urban landscape, from gritty alleyways to towering skyscrapers, as you take down notorious criminals, thugs, and gangsters. Upgrade your weapons and unlock new skills to become an unstoppable force for justice. With stunning graphics and intense gameplay, Rope Hero: Vice Town offers an adrenaline-fueled adventure that will leave players wanting more. Are you ready to be the hero the city needs?

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I've played this game before, but it has truly changed. The only huge problem I have is the control's. They're wacky and actually complicated to use, especially when I try to run then slightly turn right or left, my character turns all the way around. Then when I drive a car, I try to turn or drift a corner and end up spinning out. And when I try to climb building my character won't climb, or simply just falls off. Hope these mechanics are fixed...

Would definitely recommend, although I do have some ideas, 1. Animals should be added, like deer and pets, things to shoot, like the neighbors cat. 2. Useable stores, car dealership, weapons shop, etc. 3. I don't know the extent of what y'all can do but better AI would be sweet, like making friends with the NPCs, and more missions. Also, when I collect payment from a place I own, it won't let me collect from the other places, which is annoying. But thx for the great game!

This is the greatest video game, no, piece of art, that I've ever experienced in my life. It makes me ashamed that games like "the last of us" or "final fantasy" have gotten nominee for game of the year, while games like these are left in the dark. This game deserves every star in the world and on the moon but some moment broke my immersion like ads.

The game is very wonderful.i like the graphics of the game.i rate it four stars because the map is too small and when we go anywhere our vehicles were dissappear. Please fix it.

I really like your game because it even have good graphics and transformers like I want a game where you can play as transformers in GTA like map but I don't like the built-in ad system. dude your game is glitching like all the vehicles are exploding with without damaging the car or driving please fix it

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Use spider super hook to fight crime in cool 3D action hero adventure simulator Bug fixes

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