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New valid Romance Fate: Story & Chapters Code

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- 100 diamonds, 50 roses, 200 letters for playing Romance Fate

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- Claim 50 diamonds, 100 roses, 20 tickets, and a dress!

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Romance Fate: Story & Chapters

List of Romance Fate: Story & Chapters Codes

CODEExpiration Date
GPJZ4MBKMay 17, 2024
E1ZDVLRA5NMay 21, 2024
WRU54JOMDMay 23, 2024
N4138X2R7UCJuly 1, 2024
LPCU09X578June 12, 2024
0N8VFYKMMay 25, 2024
QNC94RXGD3May 17, 2024
QA9TZB7UIMay 25, 2024

How to redeem Romance Fate: Story & Chapters codes?

To redeem a code in Romance Fate: Story & Chapters, open the app, go to the settings menu, select "Redeem Code," enter the code, and enjoy rewards or items.

Romance Fate: Story & Chapters Codes Review

Pop up ads. This is not a code your own adventure. These are simple stories where every so often the give you a choice that doesn't really affect the story much. Premium choices cost diamonds, but the premium choice is just the normal thing your character would do and the free choice is the opposite. This is an awful money grab of a game. Don't waste your time.

I really like this app. I'm only one story in and it's very interesting to read. I wish the choices were a little cheaper though and you only get 1 diamond for finishing a chapter. Also at the end you get the option to watch an ad for 2 extra diamonds but everytime I try it says video not ready so when I start the next chapter it throws me right into an ad. I don't have a lot of money to spend so I count on ads for those extra diamonds when all the choices are expensive. That's why it gets a 3.

have had this app since it first started out & it was fun. If there was an issue they always responded. I've spend lots of money over the years on this app to read almost every story. Past couple years the game has been gradually freezing throughout more & more. Now it's every few taps of the screen of character exchanging text. No response from emails a while back so I stopped sending. 15 minutes chapters take hours to read due to freezing issue. Character option lately cheesey. Do better.

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