Robot Warfare: PvP Mech Battle is an exhilarating mobile game that puts you in the driver’s seat of a massive battle mech. Engage in intense player versus player combat and showcase your tactical skills in the ultimate mech showdown. Customize your mech with an array of powerful weapons, armor, and abilities, and pilot it to victory in a variety of game modes. With stunning graphics and immersive gameplay, Robot Warfare will immerse you in a world of intense robot battles. Download the game now and dominate the battlefield!

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I'm keeping the rating the same. Exchanging one flaw for another does not count. Most of my previous issues were addressed, but now there are more to take their place. Several times when trying to change a flag or whatever, it won't change. I have video to prove. Auto targeting is pure junk as usual, that hasn't changed. Half the time you can't target someone in front of you. And now the sprint and dash time has changed and is waaaay too long. And they time falling is shorter, the distance is.

The actual game is really good: graphics are nice, many robots to choose from, nice maps. I do have one complaint however: I have spent at least $70 total and played this game for more than 2 years, and when I get my legendary spins and 1000 spins, I get complete trash. It can take weeks and weeks to save up enough keys, and when you do get the right amount, you get something you are never going to use again. I think the developers could show some appreciation for the veteran players.

I'd like it a lot better if I enjoyed losing constantly. You play bots more than you do actual players. The bots on your team will walk by as you're getting slaughtered by 5 bots from enemy team. No help at all. It'd be nice to have different scenic views instead of the same 4 or 5 over and over. It has potential to be awesome but not there yet (in my opinion).

It's good. Well, when the server can handle the bandwidth. Not easy to level up when the wait time only works for one item at a time. But at least Robot Warfare let's us play as we wait and given an option for an in-app purchase. Controls are decent for touch screen. I guess there's not much one can do to make the UI much more convenient for smoother access to do all these actions like zooming, target lock and shooting while being bombarded by attacks from all sides. All in all this is a great game Azur Interactive devs.

I have played WR before and I ditched it about 1 or 2 years ago because it was Pay2Win. I found this game recently and gave it a try. I'm not disappointed at all since it's really good. It seems a copy of WR to me which was made the right way! Some maps and features are similar with a few differences. Also aiming is superb since we can aim up/down also. The waiting time for upgrades seem more reasonable to me and also there is no MK2 which is awesome. My only problem is beacons transparency.

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Bored of tanks? Pilot epic 3D robots & face the enemy in multiplayer battles! - Grades! Now you have much more space for pumping your robots.
- Squads! Team up with your friends, chat, win and get an extra reward!
- Friends list
- Chat

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