RGB Express Codes (2023 September)

Last update September 22, 2023

RGB Express is a fun and addictive puzzle game where you play as a delivery truck driver. Your goal is to deliver the correct colored packages to the matching buildings. With over 300 levels of increasing difficulty, this game will keep you entertained for hours. Plan your routes carefully to avoid collisions and earn extra points for efficient deliveries. The colorful graphics and catchy soundtrack add to the immersive gameplay experience. Download RGB Express today and put your logistics skills to the test!

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- 10 wood, 5 iron, 20 gold, 3 gems, 1 diamond, 2 rubies, 4 equipment, 1000 money, 15 items, 8 equipment, 5 diamonds.

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- Gold: 100, Gems: 50, Money: $500, Diamonds: 10, Resources: 2000, Equipment: Sword, Items: Potion

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Gift CodesTotalExpiration Date
sZ1Gblek396October 12, 2023
xbKj06I4p3798October 20, 2023
vfHFMZrli994October 12, 2023
l8KeHrh0oNY148October 20, 2023
eHDIbwhqFZ290October 7, 2023

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RGB Express Tier List

RGB Express looks and sounds amazing. A joy to play. And it is moderately challenging at times. However, there are way too many levels, and the difficulty feels random, not increasing. I'd prefer a more curated experience, with each level presenting a new idea. I blew through 130+ levels in a couple days, and the "super hard" ones don't feel that much harder than earlier levels.

I really want to love this game. The game play is very good and thought out. Music fits well and the graphics are good. The bugs kill it for me. So if you go for a hint beyond say level three the ad never displays, screen is black. If you touch anything it attempts a purchase, of what I have no idea. You have to back arrow 3 times and the game side bar is displayed. If you tap it again the level starts over no hint. Please fix.

A definite time killer. "Fun" wears off after the 3 puzzle. Kind of repetitious. Acquiring coins if for just unlocking new levels. There's no story. No leveling up. No upgrading your truck. It's just a puzzle game. So, if you like puzzle games, it's good for you.

This game is great, and also one of my oldest games, but sometimes the levels just seem impossible. For example on level FB-3, was the red truck supposed to be green? Because it can't take both red blocks at once. If this gets fixed or I get a reply at least, I'll add the final star. Oh, and I love the soundtrack.

Probably the best original puzzle game for mobile that I've found recently. "Routing trucks to deliver boxes" sounds boring, but they have excellent execution and really run with it. New mechanics are taught clearly. The levels are easy but challenging enough to make you feel smart. All in all, it's a must-play puzzle game.

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Easy to learn puzzle game with a serious challenge for puzzle game fans! - Bug fixes and other improvements

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