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Reclamefolder | Online Folders Coupon reviews

New update sucks! I kept some old offers in the app in order to keep track how often and when these products would be on offer again; these are all gone now. Couldn't find the offers l'd recently stored in 'mijn lijstje'...had to do it all again while I was grocery shopping. Don't like the layout and overall don't think the app is user-friendly. Will uninstall and look for other ways (pen and paper/ other app)to keep track of groceries and offers.

Latest update doesn't let me adjust cookie settings. If I don't want to accept all and I click the adjust button it gives a critical error every single time. The info mentions android, so this might be a specific android issue? I don't want to accept all cookies. So unless this is fixed, I'll have to delete the app.

Every month or so the app deletes all my favorite folders and then I have to choose them again. I tried making an account but that is nearly impossible to. Tried to un/reinstal, update my password and so on. Nothing helped. I'm switching to another app.

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