“Real Coaster: Idle Game” takes the thrill of roller coasters to new heights, allowing players to design and manage their very own theme park. With stunning graphics and realistic physics, players can customize every aspect of their coasters, from the track layout to the car designs. As the park grows, players can unlock new features and attractions to keep the excitement alive. From gentle family rides to heart-pounding thrill coasters, the game offers something for every player. With its addictive gameplay and endless possibilities, “Real Coaster: Idle Game” is a must-play for theme park enthusiasts and strategy game lovers alike.

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Real Coaster: Idle Game

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Real Coaster: Idle Game Review

It's a fun game but there are definitely some things that could be improved upon. It is a newer game. Crashing seems to be a pretty common thing, though not often, ita very inconvenient when it happens. Not a fan of watching an ad 3 or 4 times for one thing because it crashes halfway through.. I'm going to try the game out on my PC here soon and see how that goes but I have a feeling it'll be even better than on mobile, rivalling even planet coaster.

I love the concept and idea. However the game can get a little repetitive with the tasks. Feels like something every other task is "collect from shops 30 times". I would appreciate some more variety in the tasks. Also, the art and design is a little clunky. In a lot of the worlds, things are clipping through each other. Decorations are clipping through rocks, rides, food stands, etc. The roller coaster in Giant Valley is even clipping through itself. Would love for thay to be fixed!

When you have all the upgrades to double your money to get the free cards and everything else this game becomes idle playable. The biggest issue that I have is The limited layout. The base Island you're on never changes. Some of the decorations do. The locality and general look of it does. And the placement of the main coaster changes. But otherwise it's just a rinse and repeat. There are far better coaster games out there. The profitability of this game is designed around impatience.

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