Real Chess is an immersive online chess game that brings the classic board game to life. With stunning 3D graphics, players can experience the thrill of playing chess on a virtual board that replicates the look and feel of a real game. Test your skills against other players from around the world or challenge the computer in different difficulty levels. Real Chess provides a realistic and challenging gameplay experience that will keep chess enthusiasts hooked for hours on end.

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Ads are too loud, full screen, and won't let you answer the phone while until the timer counts down. The interace is buggy often. It forces landscape on startup, but sometimes it does not happen, and everything gets scrunched together in portrait mode. Ads also play in landscape mode. Due to the colors used and small fonts, it's difficult or impossible to read what is on the screen. It appears this game is made to be played on a tablet, not a phone. Other than that, it's just another chess game.

Be better if you could make it so the other player can't just quit without resigning and leave you sitting there having to wait it out to win. I understand if someone loses a signal etc but, that doesn't happen every time a Queen, or sometimes any piece is taken, or when they're about to lose. Other than that, great app! Thanks!

Graphics were good. Settings were in depth. The game breaker for me was in the most crucial moments the game won't let you move the piece that is about to be knocked out. Also it's a pain to try to move your piece on their side because of others in the way. You can't rotate the table. 1 star because the game breakers literally breaks the game. I'd reinstall after these are fixed because the graphics and settings are nice.

Really nice app except for a couple of things... Alot of people disconnect on you if they are losing and make you sit and wait for timer to deplete. Can't load your profile if you change devices and so you lose rating and saved games. I was at 1400 when this happened. Another thing is that you can't add people to a friend or like to replay list. Wish you could, there have been some good players who I would've like to play again. They need to add a warning when time is about up.

The game has issues where the computer doesn't move at their turn at the start of the game. Minutes go by and the black piece doesn't move. Then there's the issue of not being able to see the checkmate because the screen changes. October 2021 update sucks. Can't save games, can't undo stalemate, looks terrible! Bring back the old version & let people see how the checkmate happen before closing the game! Lousy app!! Feb2022: now the game freezes too often & has issues with connecting to servers.

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