Real Chess Codes [2024 June]

Last update April 29, 2024

Experience the ultimate challenge with Real Chess codes, where strategy and skill converge in every move. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned player, the intricate gameplay will test your wit and strategizing abilities. Immerse yourself in the world of competitive chess, where every decision has a consequence and every move matters. Real Chess codes offer a realistic and immersive gaming experience, bringing the timeless game of chess to life in a digital format. Sharpen your tactics, hone your skills, and rise to the top as you engage in thrilling matches against players from around the world.

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- 1st Place: 500 gold coins, diamond queen, platinum knight

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- Win 100 gold, 50 diamonds, 200 tickets, and 10 power-ups in Real Chess!

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Real Chess

List of Real Chess Codes

CODEExpiration Date
85G7E2LHJune 15, 2024
1L5PKNVITCMay 10, 2024
ZD21VEI3HMay 13, 2024
SV8N3IEB5GWJune 24, 2024
P471SIMENBJune 9, 2024
RYDLEMB5May 18, 2024
9C4X7YSQAOMay 3, 2024
OWQP176N3June 23, 2024

How to Redeem Code?

To redeem a code for Real Chess, open the game, go to the settings menu, find the option to redeem a code, enter the code to unlock rewards or features.

Real Chess Codes Review

The puzzle mode doesn't make sense sometimes, it's almost as if they ran out of puzzles and just putting any sequence together, for instance why sacrifice your queen and knight to even the board with your opponent.. the puzzles make zero sense and just gives the app a reason to promote an ad it seems like.. very disappointed 👎when it's supposed to teach you and help your game by showing you more tactic smh.. terrible! 👎

The game has issues where the computer doesn't move at their turn at the start of the game. Minutes go by and the black piece doesn't move. Then there's the issue of not being able to see the checkmate because the screen changes. October 2021 update sucks. Can't save games, can't undo stalemate, looks terrible! Bring back the old version & let people see how the checkmate happen before closing the game! Lousy app!! Feb2022: now the game freezes too often & has issues with connecting to servers.

Really nice app except for a couple of things... Alot of people disconnect on you if they are losing and make you sit and wait for timer to deplete. Can't load your profile if you change devices and so you lose rating and saved games. I was at 1400 when this happened. Another thing is that you can't add people to a friend or like to replay list. Wish you could, there have been some good players who I would've like to play again. They need to add a warning when time is about up.

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