Ramboat 2 – The metal soldier shooting game is a game that can change your idea of ​​action games. New shooter adventures are available for you right now. Survive the most extreme battles by defeating your enemies.

Use the best weapons available to you, develop your shooting skills and shoot to kill. Don’t let the enemy defeat you. Remember that there is no room for error, you only have one chance to win. Complete amazing missions, research new vehicles and upgrade existing ones. Victory is in your hands! Download, install, play and win!

Active Ramboat 2 Action Offline Games VIP Codes

P40whyxxxxx Get

- Gold x6278K, Gems x538, Coins x75128

d8JIRNxxxxx Get

- Diamonds x138, Money x49561, Resources x2964K

Ramboat 2 Action Offline Games Codes

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Gift CodesExpiration DateTotal
6a2TJtZYmcnApril 9, 2023470
UtZ2ubjIoCwHApril 22, 2023181
p3VEk7FnJtMay 8, 2023942
HW1EF8q9kIXMay 8, 2023442
TxDLfnm7BEJMay 25, 2023969

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  • Step 1: Click on 'Avatar' => 'Settings' => 'Promo Code'.
  • Step 2: Enter the code in the gift code' box and press 'Confirm' to receive the reward.
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Fun and fast pace game. Lots of options to upgrade Ramboat. Im wondering when level 8 will be ready to play. I have beat level 7 and the game says level 8 coming soon for over 2 years? Will it ever happen?

The game is good overall. it's definitely a great upgrade but y'all took out the intensity that the 1st Ramboat had. Why didn't you just leave the normal pistol with the infinite ammo on that changes when you pick up weapons like in the 1st Ramboat? The reloading aspect with every gun kills that intensity & the fast pace that it used to have. I still play the 1st Ramboat more because of that.

Not nearly as good as the first game. Biggest problem with gameplay is the character putting their gun away in the middle of the fight. There is absolutely zero reason for that. Another problem is how confused the character gets when there are multiple enemies on the screen. It sometimes ends up just switching between enemies without firing a shot. Programmers and coders need to learn how to leave well enough alone. Always trying to over-engineer stuff, our improve on things that don't need it.

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Get ready for a death run, take ur gun and shoot. Offline game, no wifi required Welcome to the latest version of Ramboat 2 on Google Play!

We've improved gameplay, fixed bugs, and boosted performance.

Controls are smoother, and the game loads faster, runs more smoothly, and is compatible with more devices.

Enjoy the latest version of Ramboat 2 and have fun!

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