Raid the Dungeon is an exciting Idle RPG game that allows players to embark on thrilling adventures into mysterious dungeons. With its unique gameplay, players can build a team of powerful heroes and send them into battles against various enemies. The game features stunning graphics and immersive sound effects, making each battle feel intense and engaging. Collect rare loot and upgrade your heroes to become the ultimate dungeon raider. Whether you’re a casual gamer or a hardcore RPG enthusiast, Raid the Dungeon offers endless fun and excitement.

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- 10,000 gold, 5 gems, 20 diamonds, 2 rubies, 3 equipment pieces, 100,000 money, 500 resources, 1 rare item, 5,000 gold, 10 gems.

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- 1500 gold, 25 gems, $10, 5 diamonds, 1000 wood, legendary armor, healing potion, epic sword, 10 mana potions

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Raid the Dungeon : Idle RPG Codes

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m7Udi2bw677October 27, 2023
GMdFWimpo0891November 8, 2023
Uba0HLrTP219November 13, 2023
WpFcrdzI3aK127October 28, 2023
v6asiwLrDK475October 3, 2023

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I've been playing for over a month and really like the game. I just switched from IOS to Android recently and the game performance seemed to have dropped. I'm having issues with the game screen completely lagging. It only happens 1-2 times a day, sometimes resolving itself, sometimes doesn't do anything and other times needs a complete restart. That's all the bad i've seen. The good- The games interface is pretty easy to figure out, generous to new players. Just watch a guide or join the discord

Not exactly what I expected, but kinda my fault for downloading before reading more lol. It's great for what it is, sick animations and lots of cool effects for weapons. The controls aren't too bad either, pretty simple and easy. I expected more skillful gameplay, but it's just easy, laid-back idle work, as the name suggests. I got to level 36 I think within an hour, and then got an OP weapon that made each fight too easy and left me unsatisfied, so I'm ditching the game. Other than that, lovely

Fun, stress-free game. Nice graphics and no ads (that I've seen). The runes, enchantments and whatnot seem a bit overwhelming at first but it gradually makes sense. The mounts and companions are a nice addition. This is not a game you'll finish quickly. It's long and progressive with repetitive themes. A game to play casually. Good luck & have fun.

This game is fantastic. I afk a lot and when I come back there is always tons for me to do as my nightly routine. This game allows you to earn everything just by playing and over time you grow. It's nice to purchase a pack if you can, especially this anniversary, but it is not necessary. I recommend allowing this to afk on a separate device using the "idle" option with saves battery. I'm not sure I'm even logged off except to reconnect! I was gone for 49 hours and when I returned it was still up

Absolutely worth anyone's time investing in this game. Wonderful, cute, fast, and friendly. Great for any rpg player, very enjoyable, with the ability to play as you go without having to concentrate on it 100% of the time. It even comes with a battery saving mode to protect your phone. UI, controls, graphics, story, and gameplay are all spot on with no bugs currently. The devs seem to care very much about their game and it's definitely a game worth playing whether your hardcore or casual!

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Indie Games Festival Winning Idle RPG Amazing Giveaway for Clicker Heroes - Seasonal New Packages
- New Costume
- New Mythic Item
- Summer Picnic Event Dungeon

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