RAID: Shadow Legends is a tactical RPG fantasy game. Heroes have the appearance of fabulous creatures belonging to the army of Light and Darkness. They can be consistently selected, ordering to attack or defend, teach the ability to use various types of weapons, pump them to achieve a victorious finale.

Correctly chosen tactics will be the key to a successful game, will bring a large number of bonuses. All fights are presented in step-by-step form. In addition to a single passage in the game there are battles with other players. 16 factions and over 100 different hero skins are provided for use.

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- Gold x5637K, Gems x359, Coins x54317

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- Diamonds x246, Money x16253, Resources x7834K

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Gift CodesExpiration DateTotal
l9W8EpboGqmJune 25, 2023165
zr6fcCouDgUJJune 19, 2023951
zSM1pQIUgZJuly 9, 2023690
Gw2L7S13Wu8July 11, 2023446
YLX5Cc1m0KyJune 20, 2023455

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  • Step 1: Click on 'Avatar' => 'Settings' => 'Redeem Code'.
  • Step 2: Enter the code in the gift code' box and press 'Confirm' to receive the reward.
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Great game! Unfortunately, there is the usual push to spend money in order to progress, as in many free games. Sometimes the game crashes after updates. I have went 2-3 days without being able to log in, and lost the chance to progress during a couple events. Other than the technical difficulties, I would still recommend.

It's a great game, but oh my gosh why are there so many ads? You start up the game and have to close out of 10 ads for in-game purchases EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. And even then, when you return to the main hub where you navigate around the game, YOU GET MORE ADS. For heavens sake, STOP. Just let me play the game. If it weren't for that, I'd give it 4/5 stars. Only other complaint is how slow progression is.

5 stars, with a catch. Way too many ads. Totally pay to win. Some events have you pull 100+ shards (which can cost money), to get a specific champion, but you can also get them for free at a slower pace. You have an extremely low chance of getting legendary champions. It's easy to lose interest in the game when you can pull a legendary every now and then. That being said, the graphics are great and there is a lot of work put into the game. I spend a little over $100 a month. Worth it :)

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Lead your Champions in combat & conquer the PvP arena in this dark fantasy RPG! New in 7.10.1:

- Champion Lore: discover the stories behind some of your favorite Champions.
- Forge Pass Season 9: earn Righteous Gear to boost speed and resistance.
- Gear Selling Filter: choose the Gear you want to keep when using Multi-Battle.
- Priority Stats Filter: sort and prioritize your Gear by stats.
- The Fragment Summon tab now only shows Champions whose Fragments are owned, or can currently be earned.
- 6 new Champions have joined Teleria.
- Champion rebalance.

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