The Punch Machine is a popular arcade game that tests players’ strength and speed. The objective is simple: punch the target with as much power as possible to achieve the highest score. The machine features a punching pad, which is equipped with sensors to measure the force of the player’s punch. It’s a thrilling and competitive game that brings out the competitive spirit in players. Whether playing for fun or aiming for the highest score, the Punch Machine is sure to deliver an adrenaline-fueled experience.

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nh6aIA3S875January 15, 2024
eP4VkCmZ8c691December 19, 2023
rwEzAdoiI746December 8, 2023
79w64IxFcED248January 6, 2024
RHUehn7wf5762January 15, 2024

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Punch Machine Tier List

Absolutely abysmal. I attempted to play this, not engaging with any of the "optional" ads, despite the game being so disgustingly unbalanced so as to make that impossible. The accumulation rate of rewards is so painfully slow, and, even if I had engaged with the "optional" ads, it would have still been a slog. It doesn't help that the core gameplay is bland and there's not even good spectacle to make up for it. I absolutely cannot recommend this at all.

THE FIVE STARS ARE FAKE Don't waste your time. You barely make any progress even AFTER paying for no ads. The only way to make ANY decent progress is to watch ads. The best progress I had was when I watched three ads back to back because it gave me one extra person to help. I genuinely tried to play this game, but it's not even a game. It's ads with a mini game in between them

Update has cool features but too glitchy Game was simple and update does not run smoothly any longer. After every vs battle or story board, the game basically freezes and needs to be restarted. Any ads you choose to watch or are forced to watch end in a blank yellow pane and you have to close out the game and reopen.

Super laggy. Extremely glitchy. Lot of fun if it wasn't such horrid gameplay. Very slow to advance. Uses all your phones battery power due to the glitches. Dont waste your time. Update: I force stopped the app and it seems to be working so far, waiting to see if the glitches start again.

I paid $5.49 for no ads 10 skip ads and something else. The game crashed while making the purchase and now I don't have the product I paid for. Money was taken out, but nothing in return. Plus it keeps crashing when I watch a video to get permanent boosts and I don't get the boost. Please let me know what info you need from me to fix this please!

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