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Last update November 20, 2023

Are you a fan of puns? Do you love wordplay and clever humor? Then PunBall is the game for you! This exciting and hilarious game puts your pun skills to the test as you compete with friends or family to come up with the best puns. With challenging categories and a time limit, PunBall guarantees non-stop laughter and quick thinking. Whether you’re a seasoned pun master or just starting out, PunBall is sure to provide endless pun-tastic fun. Get ready to roll your way to pun glory!

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L3Gj6KSr909December 10, 2023
o59VQMnefR789November 22, 2023
atrGbnQ2W503November 22, 2023
VAXDN8Oeysv547January 8, 2024
96gm5oFejv565January 2, 2024

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Update for the review. Finally uninstalled it because imbalanced difficulty to progression. I played the game steadily for almost a year. One of the few I have actually put some money into. I don't know what happened but I crossed some threshold where suddenly the attacking monsters wipe out 70-80% of my life in one attack in the daily challenge. Now in just "regular" games I am getting quickly wiped out. Even in going down to older levels that should be simple are overpowered.

I've played this game for about a year now. I've spent some money on it to support the developers because it is fun but super rigged. as soon as you are about to advance in rank especially in arena you WILL mysteriously be disconnected which in turn automatically reduces progress. not to mention 90%of the time you can predict wins and losses. 2 or 3 times out of 10 I'd say rng. but 9of10 is ridiculous. moral of the story. fun game. but DO NOT pay to win. you'll still lose

This is a really good game. It's got good mechanics, and you never have to watch ads. The only reason I'm rating it as low as I am is they introduced a mechanic some time back that allows the monsters to move and attack twice during the daily challenges. It's dramatically out of balance with other power-ups and makes defeating the challenge on those days extremely difficult, which wouldn't be altogether awful, but they also limit the number of times you can try the challenge, daily.

Support does not respond to anything. Multiple technical issues. watching videos does not result in a reward each time and you get cheated. Update: I have to send an email for technical issues? Seriously? Why is there even a support option in the app then? And why does that option not instruct you to email concerns to that email address? Ridiculous!

I've stuck with PunBall for months now, long after I've usually dropped a mobile game, because it's so easy to keep playing and experience every aspect of the game without paying any money. Ads are there, but not bad, and there are lots of opportunities to customize your own play style, even without paying. Strong recommend.

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‘Archero’ Team’s Newest Hit! - New skin: Halloween Witch
- PunArena S9
- New Hestia Ruins
- Thanksgiving PunPass
- Thanksgiving Carnival and Pack
- Thanksgiving purchase event
- Main Stage overhaul
- Game UI optimization

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