Mr Meat: Horror Escape Room is a thrilling mobile game that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Step into the shoes of a detective tasked with investigating the mysterious disappearances in town. As you explore creepy locations and solve challenging puzzles, you’ll soon realize that you’re dealing with something far more sinister. The intense gameplay, stunning graphics, and spine-chilling atmosphere will leave you wanting more. Can you unravel the dark secrets and escape from Mr Meat’s clutches? Find out by playing this gripping horror escape room game now!

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- 100 wood, 50 nails, 5 hammers, 10 gold coins, 3 diamonds, 2 rubies, 1 enchanted sword, 20 healing potions, 2 magical scrolls.

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- 10,000 gold, 5 gems, $100 cash, 2 diamonds, 50 resources, legendary equipment, 7 rare items.

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9560ikYF204November 18, 2023
3YuNxE4ytM231September 24, 2023
nldvZ7i89277October 7, 2023
08g12y5d7vw188September 22, 2023
9rIBxwVPZC137October 27, 2023

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Love it! I will say I have had frequent glitches in Easy mode. One common one is the pig not breaking into the stall after knocking over there feed. He just never comes, resulting in having to restart the game despite having more nights left. He has also managed to get across the farm yard like 3 times faster than he should have. Finally, a few times when caught, the game seems to freeze with sound effects still playing but Mr. Meat just standing in front of you with no ability to move.

This is a really good horror game, the graphics, the game play, and just the game overall is amazing. I can never find the forth note though and I wanted to point out the little bug or glitch which ain't that bad but once you enter the lab and leave it both the lab and freezer noises past the blue door stay with me even after I've been caught throughout the rest of the game but other than that that's the only issue I face in the game. I enjoy this horror game very much.

Game is great. The only thing I dont like is when you remove the planks off of the blue door, they fall in such a way that the lower part of the doorway is blocked, which is ok when you're going down to the lab because you jump over them, but after that you're trapped & you can't get back out because of those planks. They don't fall flat, they fall upright. Please fix this. I would have given 5 stars if it wasn't for that....I constantly have to restart the game because of it.

I really like this game. The graphics are exellent and its clear what objects you need to find to progress. The meat man is too fast and too well hearing, even on easy. And there's a damn killer pig too. So i switched it to ghost mode so i could leaen the ropes easier. However in ghost mode ads are turned on. I can honestly understand that. But they are literally every 1 minute. You can't get more than 20 steps or open three drawers in a dresser before theres another one. I'm deleting it.

Don't get me wrong, it seems like a good game. But I've found a huge issue that literally makes it unplayable for me. When I get up stairs to access safe, Mr meat comes up and just hovers upstairs. When he does go down he comes back 3 secs later he won't go away. I can't even explore at all cause I can't get out of hiding area. This must be a ai issue. Games like this r no fun when you're stuck hiding for 15-20 mins. I'll have to uninstall for now, pls fix issue I'll try again at some point.

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Run away from the scary zombie, get the jail break & solve this criminal case! - Engine version updated
- Hotspots feature added
- Several fixes

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