PS Remote Play is a handy feature that allows users to stream their favorite PlayStation games directly to their mobile devices or PC. This means that gamers can enjoy their console games on the go or away from their TV. With a stable internet connection, players can have a seamless gaming experience without any compromise on quality. Whether it’s multiplayer gaming or solo adventures, PS Remote Play provides the flexibility to play anytime, anywhere. This feature enables gamers to stay connected to their favorite titles and continue their gaming journey without interruption, making it a valuable addition to the PlayStation ecosystem.

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PS Remote Play

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PS Remote Play Reviews

Depending on what you're playing this is a decent way to game, say if you just wanna lay down and play or someone wants to use the TV. It's not perfect though. I wish there was a way to edit the controls on this. If I want a fixed joystick I have to have my phone in portrait, but if I want a wide screen image I need my phone in landscape. It'd be nice if I could fully control the vController on this app. I would also like the ability to lock the stream quality to 360 etc. That would be perfect.

Honestly it's a really cool app. You can control a PS5 on your phone which is crazy. There are multiple downsides though. The controls suck really bad. This can be resolved by just carrying a PS4/PS5 controller with you and Bluetoothing it to your phone. The app also sometimes just doesn't work. Give it a try because it still is really cool.

It has a few bugs and doesn't work perfectly but my only big problem is it will not wake my playstation 4 out of sleep mode for some reason. I did everything it said to do but it rarely will wake it up out of sleep mode. Please fix!!! Also I will admit there is a latency on button pressing no matter what you do. So if that is an issue for you, good luck...

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