ProtonVPN is a secure and reliable virtual private network (VPN) service that prioritizes user privacy and internet security. With its strong encryption and strict no-logs policy, ProtonVPN ensures that users can protect their online activities and data from prying eyes. By offering a global network of high-speed servers, ProtonVPN allows users to bypass censorship, access geo-blocked content, and enjoy unrestricted internet access. Whether it’s for personal use or business needs, ProtonVPN is committed to providing a trustworthy and user-friendly VPN experience for individuals and organizations alike.

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Proton VPN Reviews

Cannot be better pleased with results... I was recently trying to leave a review on Amazon regarding a provable, verified purchase and even the Amazon help ppl could not figure out why it would not allow me. I believe it is because I use too many "tracker/collection" blockers and the industry doesn't want to allow me to express my opinion without collecting SOMETHING about me. I could be wrong because I'm really not tech savvy, but I'd rather be blocked from being too nice than to be screwed

Ok over all but it makes many websites not work properly- even on the "fastest connection" setting. Sites like church websites or the comments section of news sites simply will not load. I keep having to turn it off to view these sites which is really obnoxious. (And no- sending you screenshots of a page that won't load is not useful).

It is not the best paid option- however being an excellent option for paid if you really want to go with them. But what they are really good with is being the best, unlimited free option. Yes this does mean that your speeds will be limited, but where other free providers limit speeds to say 5-50Mbps, Proton will consistently get 50-100Mbps on free and that is amazing considering they are not selling your data or limiting your bandwidth! 10/10 for ProtonVPN.

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