Project RIP Mobile is a dynamic action game with elements of horror. As a result of a devastating apocalypse, demons seized power on Earth. The few survivors were forced to retreat into the dungeons. But living underground, escaping from the immortal undead was unbearable and people came up with a way to fight the enemy. Using artificial intelligence technology, scientists have created special squads of agents with incredible strength and unique abilities. They have become the last hope of mankind. Fight the evil spirits using a vast arsenal of a wide variety of weapons, collect items that improve performance and complete exciting missions.

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tqI7l0AmfeQ March 20, 2023 323
NoW9CrQmhM4L February 9, 2023 163
vVIgnmG37P March 24, 2023 813
hAygcSXKrv0 March 26, 2023 542
ZckiqQdCsPn March 17, 2023 608

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For whomever goes to install this game now. I believe it's been abandoned with how long it hasn't been touched so just enjoy the indie game while it's here. I was expecting a very poorly made zombie game, it's honestly built relatively well. The control setup isn't the worst but I would love to move it around. The graphics on highest setting aren't honestly that bad for a mobile game that hasn't been touched for almost a year now. I agree with what other people say needs more maps and guns.

This game is really good, though there are some kinks ruin the game for some: Side strafing speed-if you aren't moving forward, you're moving real slow. Bluetooth controller Button layout-some buttons do the same thing, there isn't a button to reload, you'll have to use all the ammo or press on the screen which defeats the purpose of the Bluetooth controller. I suggest having the same scheme as Call of Duty games, Y or Triangle for switching weapons, left trigger to aim, Square or X to reload.

arena zombie fps. pretty cool too. more like d4 than d3. the on screen control customization is really good. but if the graphics are set too high, then you can get input lag. overall its good, but not great. and of course the games dead and no longer in dev. too bad. gonna hold on to this for a while to satisfy my desire for mindlezz action.

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🔪Battle against hordes of demons in Singleplayer Horror Survival Horde Shooter. -Stability Improvements
-Ads SDK removal

Name Project RIP Mobile – Free Horr
Version 2.15
Price FREE
Rating 4.1 (6319 ratings)
Category Codes
Update February 4, 2023
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