Progressbar95 is an original casual game that evokes nostalgia for the days of Windows 95 computers. Your task is to fill the progress bar to 100% by catching blue cubes falling from above.

Quickly move the progress bar with one finger across the screen and fill it up. Various kinds of obstacles will interfere with the task. Pass exciting levels, the complexity of which increases over time, get points and improve your computer. The game received dynamic gameplay, excellent retro-style visual design, high-quality graphics and funny music.

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ejPDiBxxxxx Get

- Gold x7893K, Gems x578, Coins x76258

P1zlBvxxxxx Get

- Diamonds x835, Money x79618, Resources x2438K

Progressbar95 – nostalgic game Codes

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Gift CodesExpiration DateTotal
2IYU0pHtTNeJuly 10, 2023676
yjWIweDCpB4SJune 8, 2023559
shHQ7mtDJFJune 4, 2023271
O708TsKGvFcJune 27, 2023476
xrd2NCpHvGVJune 26, 2023814

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This game is AWESOME. The simulation of Windows operating systems is perfect, and has alot of secrets in it. You drag the progress bar around to get it to 100%, you get good percentages and avoid the bad stuff. There are also multiple modes to spice up the experience, like a wolf 3d mode. Gain points by doing special actions in the OS or gameplay, these points allow you to upgrade the OS. There are some P2W elements with the keys, but they aren't required but they're enough to knock off 1 star.

It's a wonderful game, tad grindy, but that's what it's about. Casual grind and relaxing. The only thing it's missing is the ability to set your own backgrounds, I loved doing that to the older computers, could even set a .gif as your wallpaper without a program. I also wish you could import your own music. I really liked playing with windows media player.

Very fun game It doesn't fall into the same trope of "here's generic game with generic title" it actually is quite fun, and offers a lot of content that encourages replayability. It doesn't have truckloads of ads either, which is always a good thing. This game is quite the hidden gem in terms of mobile games, which isn't a very high bar to pass, but it does surpass it, by a lot. All in all, 10/10, would recommend and all the references to old computers definitely cements this as a classic.

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Nostalgic casual game. Retro look, tons of mini-games, secrets, upgrades and fun Update KP009900: Improvements and fixes.

This update includes various improvements. Key changes include:

- Provides a new modes for the Decompiler Gun (including lasers)
- Provides a selection of different video cards to choose from
- Provides a new website for Progressnet called PBAY where you can buy new hardware
- Provides a some UI/UX improvements for IDLE network
- Provides the Device manager
- Provides pop-up waves

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