Prince of Persia: Escape codes are essential for players to unlock special abilities, weapons, and hidden levels in the game. These codes provide players with an added challenge and allow them to explore the game’s world in new and exciting ways. By entering specific combinations of buttons or key sequences, players can access secret areas, gain powerful upgrades, or even change the game’s difficulty settings. Mastering the escape codes in Prince of Persia can enhance the player’s overall gaming experience and provide a sense of accomplishment in cracking the game’s secrets.

New valid Prince of Persia : Escape Code

Code is hidden Get

- 100 coins, special power boost, legendary sword for Prince. Enjoy!

Code is hidden Get

- Win 50 coins, 10 gems, 1 shield, and 5 keys.

Secret rewards Get
Prince of Persia : Escape

List of Prince of Persia : Escape Codes

CODEExpiration Date
UM57YZIQMay 15, 2024
RFDB09UT3OMay 19, 2024
V58E7ZG0XMay 27, 2024
HKLTBS9YJIMay 7, 2024
4BUTV5HLMay 3, 2024
TBXZJU67RIJune 3, 2024
PIR3M1OTCApril 27, 2024

How to Redeem Code?

To redeem a code for Prince of Persia: Escape, open the game, navigate to the settings menu, select "Redeem Code," enter the code and enjoy exclusive rewards.

Prince of Persia : Escape Codes Review

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