Price Chopper is a leading supermarket chain that offers high-quality groceries at competitive prices. With a wide range of products including fresh produce, meats, dairy, and pantry essentials, Price Chopper makes it convenient and affordable for customers to purchase everything they need in one place. They also provide excellent customer service, ensuring a pleasant shopping experience for all. Whether you need ingredients for a special recipe or everyday household items, Price Chopper is the go-to destination for value and variety. Visit your nearest Price Chopper store today and discover the difference!

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It was way better when they had coupons oriented horizontally, so you could see 8+ per screen. Now they're so large you only see 4 at a time and it takes FOREVER to scroll thru them. And it's not like the larger product images make them any clearer (in fact, the resolution is horribly pixelated). Plus the sorting/filtering should be improved. You should be able to sort by which coupons expire soonest, for example.

This app is horrible. I can't get my card number registered. I even called the Hotline and tried to straighten it out, and guess what ? It still doesn't work! The last couple of times I was shopping at price chopper I had the cashier override the system and put in the coupon savings. And guess what? I'm still going to keep doing it! I'll be that annoying guy! Hopefully this isn't a precursor for the Golub/Tops merger, like Sears and Kmart.

Very confusing app. E-coupons require you to open it up and select quantities from a few select varieties. Some items require you to open various screens to see if there is a required amount of items to be purchased. Total nonsense. Especially when the store is usually out of stock. Just put the items on sale in the store and eliminate e-coupons.

The new version has some technical hang up. The app opens but does not ever get past the "stop watch". The last version that seems to work is version 3.5.6 but that version appears to not allow one to sign into their account any longer as it says email/password invalid. Please fix the new version for use on ALL devices and loose the "look good, feel good' part of the app. Keep it basic and functional, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic when people need things to just simply work.

All I want to see is "on sale" items. But checking "on sale" does not filter to only "on sale" items....every "sale" item, of variations is listed in individually. Also some items show in the wrong dept. App needs to be simplified. It is easier and quicker to write out a list from the ad circular then trying to create a grocery list with the app.

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