Once upon a time, Nick and Tani were best friends with a knack for getting into hilarious and absurd situations. They were a dynamic duo, always ready for a laugh. One day, they decided to bake a cake for their friend’s birthday. But instead of following the recipe, they improvised and ended up with a cake that exploded in the oven. The frosting flew all over the kitchen, leaving them in tears of laughter. It was a messy disaster, but it became one of their funniest stories to retell.

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I love the game. The problem is that to many ads and this makes the game boring. Just to unlock something you have to watch an ad. After playing a level an ad will just pop up. The levels are hard and frustrating how come give a million stars to YouTubers. This is totally not fair. Please refuse the amount of ads.

V . Good game but contains lots of ads but it's really crazy bcuz nick and tani pranks each other and it's really funny 🤣. thank you

I love how this game is like fighting and pranks BC I always fight with my brother 🤬 but sometimes we play this game cause it reminds us

This game is having a lot of Ads

very good game but it has alot of ads

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Couple love battle where Nick and Tani prank each other in this prankster game

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