Potbelly Sandwich Works is a popular sandwich chain known for its delicious toasted sandwiches, salads, and soups. With a focus on fresh, high-quality ingredients, Potbelly offers a variety of mouthwatering options for any appetite. Whether you’re craving a classic roast beef sandwich or a vegetarian powerhouse, Potbelly has something for everyone. The warm, inviting atmosphere and friendly service make it a great spot to grab a quick and satisfying meal. With locations across the country, Potbelly Sandwich Works is a go-to destination for tasty, satisfying sandwiches and sides.

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- Free sandwich, 50% off meal, free drink, dessert discount, loyalty points.

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- 1. Free sandwich 2. Buy one get one free sandwich 3. 50% off salad 4. Free drink with purchase

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Potbelly Sandwich Works

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Q03WEK9DMarch 26, 2024
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Potbelly Sandwich Works Reviews

The perks would be great if you only ever use them for in-person orders and never mobile orders via scanning at counter to use them. I can't use perks for mobile orders bcuz at checkout it'll pop up "want to use your perk? (The one you chose to attach to the order)" hit yes and it'll take you back to the menu to re-pick your order, and repeat once you try, again, to checkout with no apparent end to it. When a perk is attached to a mobile order, you CANNOT checkout to complete the order.

Required a password reset, but password can only be reset in a browser that allows third-party cookies, which took me four failed resets to figure out. Gotta say, I'm not a fan of sites that refuse to function when you take the most rudimentary security precautions. Also, new app includes per-option calorie counts, which is nice, but the info is divided among three screens, and the app no longer displays total cals per item, which makes it all pointless. Who's adding all that up themselves?

There's a recurring problem with this app. It's connected to the Potbelly Perks rewards system, and occasionally you earn a free sandwich. Sounds great, right? NO. I 'm ordering for two people, so if one of the sandwiches is free, you get an error that says your order does not meet the minimum amount for delivery. THERE IS NO OPTION TO DECLINE THE FREE SANDWICH AND PAY INSTEAD. I need it delivered, I can't go pick up, so I have to order stuff I don't want to reach the minimum delivery price.

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