Introducing Postpay – the new way to shop! Say goodbye to upfront payment and hello to convenience. With Postpay, you can shop for all your favorite products now and pay later. No need to worry about credit card limits or tight budgets. Enjoy the flexibility of spreading your payments over time. Whether you’re purchasing clothes, electronics, or home decor, Postpay has got you covered. Shop now and experience the freedom of paying later with Postpay. Start shopping today and enjoy stress-free shopping!

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I can't edit my personal info when I contact customer support no one is answering and when I sent email all they say is purchase from the app but when you purchase from the it's the same your transaction is declined. So I just deleted the app I'd rather use the other app.

I just downloaded the app. But, I can't operate it because the app "blinks," meaning it opens and closes in seconds. You can't press any buttons on it. It just "blinks" indefinitely. Maybe a screen issue, or a performance issue.

Extreme poor service. Its good until you've an issue. There is no way to contact, no replies to email, phone number is on automated system and there's no chat support either. Store has issued refund 4 days ago and i have the receipt but its not updated on postpay. Also they should allow repayments upto 4 months instead of 3. As we pay 1 upfront and 2 as monthly payment. So its more like 34% Initial pay and 2 monthly payments of 33%

I used the app to pay for three items. But later I started getting "payment declined" messages even though I had all my previous payments completed on time. Upon contacting customer service I was told it's the app algorithm and they can't do anything. I wasn't able to use the app for several months already. So I use Tabby instead whenever possible, it's more transparent and flexible.

No one has ever reached out to me about the issue I have where the app says I have a previous balance or owed something which I DO NOT. I went over the purchases I made and they are all cleared! It seems the same goes for some upon reading the other reviews. This has never happened to me with other installment apps. poor customer service

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Postpay App - Shop Now Pay Later Online Shopping App in UAE We hear you! You no longer need your national card to sign up to Postpay, making it easier for you to find the best deals and pay later.

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