Polyforge Codes (2023 November) 1.3.3

Last update November 23, 2023

Polyforge is a captivating and challenging game that tests your precision and reflexes. In this mesmerizing universe, you are tasked with shaping intricate geometric shapes into perfect forms. With simple swipe controls, you can rotate and align the shapes to fill spaces and create beautiful patterns. The game offers endless levels to explore, each presenting unique experiences that will keep you hooked. As you progress, you can unlock new shapes and visuals, adding depth to your gameplay. Get ready to unleash your creative skills and dive into the mesmerizing world of Polyforge.

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9wY5pMJ7393January 18, 2024
IgQiqoWXuK254December 22, 2023
sHcNX5F2T357December 15, 2023
WcEgVepAYNK177December 28, 2023
BRKTdubgzl850December 16, 2023

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So I can't give 5 stars. Here's why: the higher levels are the same shapes on repeat. Level 430 is dang near impossible and I have only been offered a second chance twice out of probably 100 times. I don't mind difficulty and this game is amazing for the most part but as I said the repetition and impossibility of level 430 is really making me lose desire to continue playing. Plus, it looks like there hasn't been an update since 2018!??

It's a nice game but it's more stressed inducing than it is stress relieving. When you get a wrong note it is horrible and when you are attempting to hit a small note it's an adrenaline rush. Although the simplistic and beautiful graphics perfectly compliments the phenomenal harp sounds in this amazing immersive experience when an ad plays you will be scared out of your mind because they occasionally will blare an ad with little to no warning but at very reasonable intervals. All in all, good.

There is a lag between when you tap the screen and when you light up a surface, and it makes the game quite annoying. It sometimes also randomly decides to shoot three arrows at once which insta-kills you, which is REALLY annoying. The graphics are nice though. This was a game that I had a while ago, and I was excited for the nostalgic gameplay, but these problems make it a chore to play and I'm disappointed because I used to love this game.

very fun game, addicting and relaxing. one thing is that it does lag quite easily. I'm at lvl 520 right now and it starts lagging once I watch a video and get the glowing extra lives arrow. it's nearly impossible tbh because I noticed that sometimes (pretty rare) the arrow shoots a very tiny bit later than when I tap which is enough to stop me from going farther in the game. maybe a setting that everyone can change that makes particles/glow/...(just looks) go away would be a good thing to try to make.

Very soothing game, I love the simplicity and elegance. Calming music and the game itself is very straightforward. Perfect for a quick play in between crazy schedules! I've loved it since I installed it on my old, old phone. Now- new phone, same game :)

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Forge amazing crystals in a symphony of shapes, sound and color - Improvements and updates

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