PK XD is a virtual world where fun, friends, and games come together for an exciting adventure. In this vibrant and colorful universe, players can create their own unique avatars, decorate their homes, and explore awesome locations. With a wide range of mini-games available, there’s always something entertaining to do. Whether it’s racing with pals, participating in epic dance-offs, or simply hanging out with friends, PK XD offers endless fun and opportunities to connect with other players from around the world. Join the fun and let your imagination run wild in PK XD!

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eNpxchuR709December 6, 2023
DlACK7UPwa888January 5, 2024
agFQXE4tl481January 10, 2024
4uDLcXfVUkg670December 27, 2023
HMfzkjXq1b682January 6, 2024

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PK XD: Fun, friends & games Tier List

The game is really fun ro play! I love the mini games , updates and clothes. But , I think the game is like a 'pay to win' type which is not good as some people can't afford the houses , outfits , etc. Also there are many glitches! One time I earned some coins but the coins still remained the same and there are more glitches than this! I hope that these issues can be fixed in the future. Overall the game is really good though 😀

Pk xd is amazing! I have been playing it for a long time now and haven't faced any serious issues. However, sometimes the whole thing glitches, and I have to join again. When I level up my pet, sometimes it doesn't work, and the meter stays the same. The fact that it's hard to earn gems is a big problem. Half the things cost a huge number of gems. So it would be great if these issues were resolved. But, otherwise, this is an amazing game with fun updates and activities. I have really enjoyed.

Nice Game! I always enjoy playing this. Especially the minigames. But, The reason I gave it 4 stars is because, There are some bugs and glitches. And now, I can't play anymore because my loading screen is stuck. Please fix. Fun game though! I would TOTALLY recommend this! 🎮

It is a very fun and entertaining game where you can see friends , family and other people in an easy click, and many fun updates that you can never miss. There are so many places such as an arcade,and you can actually play games there with other people! And there is a pizza place and more with lots of features like backpack, avatar customization and daily quests ! It is so fun and you should install it! (Glitches or lags should probably just be wifi)

I recommend you to try this game. I've been playing PK XD since 2020, and I've seen that PK XD have improved a lot. I used to play this game soo soo much but once I stopped playing this game for some time. Sadly, we can't say anything we want in this game. We can only say the things that are added in the chat. Most of the stuff here cost real money and I can't use real life money which is really sad. The ads here are pretty annoying but it's starting to decrease. I love this game so much, try it

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Create your avatar, play with friends, collect coins and enjoy the PK XD game PROFESSIONS ON PK XD
What do you want to be when you grow up? A doctor? A soccer player? A gamer? Try different possibilities on this new update!

Five new companions in your house to play and create amazing stories!

Check out the police pack and play cops and robbers with your friends!

It’s Thanksgiving season, the new and free professions pack is here!

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