Patreon, a popular platform for creators to earn money from their work, occasionally offers coupons to entice new patrons or reward existing supporters. These coupons may offer discounts on membership fees, exclusive content access, or other perks. To take advantage of a Patreon coupon, users typically enter a code during the sign-up process or at checkout. Keep an eye out for promotions on Patreon’s website or social media channels to snag a discount and support your favorite creators. Coupons can be a great way to save money while connecting with and supporting talented individuals.

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How to redeem Patreon codes?

To redeem a coupon on Patreon, enter the code at checkout or apply it to a selected tier. Enjoy exclusive content and rewards from your favorite creators.

Patreon Coupon reviews

This is unironically the WORST app I have ever used. Videos keep pausing even though I have wifi and then entire playback glitches and I lose my place in the video. Now patreon posts are merging. I click an episode but the wrong audio plays. The UI is unintuitive and annoying to navigate. All your patreon subs on one really long page? Genius! Half the time nothing in the app loads, only way to fix that is by restarting my phone. Just make a usable app!! You owe it to your creators and consumers.

This app is a place where creators can actually get paid for their work which is awesome but all told, this is one of the LEAST user friendly apps I've used. No previous or next video buttons, no sorting episodes, and its constantly just not playing the beginning of episodes so I have to force close the app, restart it, scroll back to my episode and sometimes it'll do that multiple times.

Love the app. Hate that the format was changed and I can't listen to the videos w/o having to have my phone open. Use to be able to listen to it from the locked screen. Having to listen to the videos with my screen open is SUPER annoying and battery draining. Especially when I'm paying for the app. I was able to just listen for years! PLEASE FIX THAT!! PLEASE CHANGE IT BACK!!

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