Parking Jam Unblock: Car Games is an exciting mobile game that challenges players to solve intricate parking puzzles. With its engaging gameplay and captivating graphics, the game offers endless hours of fun and entertainment. Players must strategically move the cars around to clear a path and reach the designated parking spot. As the levels progress, the difficulty increases, adding an element of challenge and excitement. Whether you’re a puzzle game enthusiast or just looking for a way to kill time, Parking Jam Unblock: Car Games is a must-try!

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Parking Jam Unblock: Car Games Tier List

Very Addictive game and recommend it. This next comment doesn't apply to just this game but to ALL the games I have downloaded. And that has to do with the ads. I understand they need ads to help pay expenses & I really don't mind ads unless they interrupt game play. But what I do mind is when you have the game volume at a comfortable level & then an ad comes on at FULL VOLUME. That is what annoys me the most. This game does that, not every ad but enough to make it annoying.

Three annoying issues: 1. Touch sensitivity to select a car is poor. Results in selecting a wrong car. Move wrong car and you waste a turn. You are only allowed a fixed number of moves or lose the game. 2. Sensitivity of how close your moving car comes to a "parking lot cop" is too sensitive. Hitting a cop forces you to watch a video or lose the game. It's a scam. 3. Installed update 10/21/23. Now it forces an ad after every puzzle. 8 second puzzle, 30 second ad. I'm done...DELETED APP.

Weird levels: you do 2 or 3 super easy levels with 10 cars and then one with 60 cars. But that's tolerable. Wait, want an upgrade for an ad? No? Well you're getting an ad anyways cuz we don't give a f.

This game is like OK. It's main problem is that in some levels cars is not moving until any obstacle is near and thus we loose. So, please fix it

I tried several of these games... but this one I actually paid to remove the ads. This one makes you think, has boss levels, changes scenery, and is worth playing. This is probably the game all the others tried to copy. Get this one. (Way too many ads without purchase though... but worth a few bucks to get rid of)

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Tap away to unblock parking traffic jam puzzle, parking lot management car game. 5 New Car Packs Added
5 New Environments Added
Daily & Weekly Task System Added
Free Reward Gumball Machine Added
Category wise Unlocking of Items Added
Some Bug Fixes
Some Performance Fixes

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