Paris Holidays is a colorful building simulator that will take you to the enchanting world of France. Embark on an exciting adventure and build a magnificent city with amazing architecture, cozy cafes where you can drink coffee with melt-in-your-mouth croissants and stroll along shady alleys and amazing parks. Dreamed of creating one of the most beautiful cities on Earth? Now you can make your dream come true. Start small – equip and develop a small area, painstakingly turning it into a magnificent prosperous city.

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Codes Expiration Date Total
SZIGdA5JO3V December 25, 2022 206
pdOmMyZN743J December 28, 2022 315
s8SK7pAw1g December 8, 2022 765
h64BMeJ5RPg December 10, 2022 155
i6wVYdRL2uM January 6, 2023 173

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It would be a good little game, except as it progresses, it becomes a pay to play. To expand, the cost of materials are increasingly higher and the time it takes for the expansions are anywhere from a couple of hours to more than 24. And even then trees need to be cut down, boulders blown up... and it costs even after the expansion was purchased. Had hopes for this one. They need a support team as well. At the very least an FAQ page. It'll last a few more days, then I'll probably uninstall it.

At first this is a cute, relaxing little game. As you reach higher levels, it becomes increasingly difficult to obtain needed items. And after level 40 it is just plain ridiculous. You get only tasks for items you can't produce yet, and you can't progress without them. You then need to pay money to finish buildings that takes forever, and even the most expensive subscription isn't enough. You litterally need to pay money per building, even with a payed subscription! A game ruined by greed.

A really beautiful game which obviously has had a lot of time and effort put into it however it takes forever to get cash after watching tons of adverts, you don't have to pay but you would struggle to progress at the pace of a snail, The gam is too expensive so i may delete the game soon. Also what's the point of building shops and acquiring recipes if your trains stop asking for goods from previous buildings which takes more than 10days to build? a night time screen would be great if added.

List of Paris: City Adventure VIP Codes November 26

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Paris: City Adventure Wiki

Paris: City Adventure Tier List

• Introducing new seasons in the Balloon Race
• Fixed some technical and functional bugs
• Corrected game balance

Name Paris: City Adventure
Version 0.0.21
Price FREE
Rating 4.2 (16837 ratings)
Category Codes
Update November 26, 2022
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