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Panilla Saga – Epic Adventure Codes

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Codes Expiration Date Total
eysm4qpT2u5 January 25, 2023 444
zyNZ7q0QYTgR December 22, 2022 999
ngB06LTSPu February 2, 2023 254
w4GAoI6Zcqx February 6, 2023 685
ZWEq4ck31XA January 30, 2023 770

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  • Step 1: Click on 'Avatar' => 'Settings' => 'Gift Code'.
  • Step 2: Enter the code in the gift code' box and press 'Confirm' to receive the reward.
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All Panilla Saga – Epic Adventure Wiki

The art is fairly nice, the game itself is completely derivative. There isn't anything new to the game, but its a pretty good example of the genre. Build your team of 5 to autobattle, do a bunch of different essentially dungeons for leveling supplies. There are paid only offers and summons. I haven't seen if it's ptw more than others, the only competition really is the arena. Anything else is just "wait for your experience to build up, then do some levels".

So, the game hasn't been out very long but there are some glaring issues with the game, mainly balance. The rates are solid, and the art looks good but...the enemies out power you very quickly (you'll be struggling as early as chapter 2 or 3), there isn't enough ways to get leveling resources nor do you get enough from those limited sources, the free currency seems like it could rough to get in the future. Also, healers are REALLY bad which makes the balance issues even worse.

It's a really fun game, and I really enjoy the characters. It's super addictive and i find myself getting attached to certain characters for their backstories and abilities. I'd love it if they could make fan-made character contests whenever they want to develop more characters, it would make the game more personal and fun to see the other player getting involved with the game itself.

Panilla Saga – Epic Adventure Wiki

Panilla Saga – Epic Adventure Tier List

Open Server Carnival Events:
-Complete tasks to get 100+ free summons.
-Login 8 days to get SSR Heroes [Elena] and [Turpin].
-Complete Memories of Sakura event to get 65K+ Diamonds.
-Complete specified tasks to get free SSR Hero [Kaguya].
-Halloween themed events.
-Added new currency payment for some regions.
-added the 2022 World Cup bid events

Name Panilla Saga – Epic Adventure
Version 3.7.209
Price FREE
Rating 4.6 (31862 ratings)
Category New
Update December 9, 2022
Get it on Google Play
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