The Ooni is a traditional African monarch who holds great reverence and respect in Yoruba culture. As the paramount ruler of the ancient city of Ife in Nigeria, the Ooni is seen as a custodian of traditions and a bridge between the spiritual and human realms. The Ooni plays a significant role in the preservation of Yoruba history and heritage, and their coronation is accompanied by elaborate rituals and ceremonies, showcasing the deep-rooted cultural significance of the Ooni’s position in society.

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Crashes all the time. Very frustrating and unusable. App sometimes won't open. When it opens it's slow or unresponsive. If it does open and you're able to scroll to a recipe, it's not long until you get booted and have to reload the app again, starting all over. Not impressed

uses to be simple and easy to use. now it is always crashing, the recipes are disorganized (classic margarita pizza is in the dough recipes, but it does not have a dough recipe included).

Was great for last 12 months but after not using it for a while (and probably since last update in July 2023) it now keeps crashing or hanging or failing to load. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling.... Then saw other reviews and appears I am not alone. P.S. App developers : What is that phrase? One Job!! Why release an "update" if you haven't tested it??

So bought the Volt 12. I've only cooked 3 neopolitan style pizzas so far, but it was amazing and so easy to use. very pleased with the purchase.

the great thing about my Ooni is that as well as making awesome pizzas, it is very portable, so I can also make pizzas when on a picnic! too easy

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The ultimate pizza-making companion. Bug fixes
• Resolved an issue that was causing some devices to crash
• We've tuned the internal workings and polished a few rough edges.

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