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Last update November 23, 2023

OnPipe is an addictive mobile game that challenges your speed and precision. In this fast-paced game, your goal is to slide pipes to connect them and create a path for the water to flow through. Sounds easy, right? Well, think again. As you progress through the levels, the pipes become more complex and the time limit gets stricter. With stunning visuals and smooth gameplay, OnPipe is a thrilling and engaging gaming experience. So, get your fingers ready and start sliding those pipes to become the ultimate pipe master!

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KafojAUx173January 21, 2024
h6Ix2Znblz270January 12, 2024
zwEHxp5I6285December 26, 2023
Q4BvDdKmZqr517December 7, 2023
Omp0rh82Rv504December 19, 2023

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so many ads. I know that's a common complaint, but to put it in perspective. a single level lasts 15 seconds. there's a 30 second ad before it, after it, and at least two "watch this ad to get stuff" demands during it. even if you skip those, the "no thanks" option doesn't register for 5 seconds. I wanted to like this game, but the ads are outta control.

This game has a good idea, but if you ask me, it needs updates. Like, especially updating the ad issue. You have to wait about 3 seconds before the "No thanks" appears to watch ads, which doesn't seem like a lot, but if you're impatient then it is. Ads after every run, ads to get new skins, ads all over your screen where you can fit them... Besides that, It's easy to get bored. I played for about ten minutes, then I got bored... Ah well. Good luck on your game, though.

I actually enjoyed this game, suprising soothing and monotonous in a way that was pleasant. But I had to delete it, there were ads every 3 minutes. If you finish a level or fail a level or even win a level there's ads. And if you unlock a new item there's more ads. It's just too much. I'll miss the game but I can't watch 10 ads within 20minutes for stupid games that I would never even play.

I've never left a review before but have made an exception for this one. I just played this game for ten minutes and it seemed okay... For the 30 seconds I actually got to play! At first I thought the constant ads were just the way they are trickily placed to make you keep accidentally clicking on them and not being able to back out of them. But then when I was more careful to avoid pressing the ads, I realised they're just constant (and LONG) anyway.

Pretty fun, but it could use some work. First off, way too many ads. Second, I wish the levels were significantly longer. Third, there are a bunch of visual/auditory glitches; malfunctioning coin animations that come out of nowhere, jittery/jiggling partical animations, individual sound effects continuing indefinitely out of nowhere, random freezes, etcetera.

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Slicing soap, flakes, grass has never been so satisfying and breathtaking! Bug fixes and performance improvements.

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