One Epic Knight is an epic story that will take you straight to endless dungeons. An endless game with different outcomes, it is not clear where you are going and for what purpose, but you always find adventure!

Just control the game with one finger and follow what is happening on the screen. Increase your skills with special potions, outfits and items. Did danger come your way? Do not run under any circumstances! Rather cope with this task and boldly move on. As you progress through the game, you will receive achievements, rewards and titles. The epic knight is already roaming the dungeons.

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GtIPZxfo6ru April 17, 2023 944
rUbmkB9KAgJn April 2, 2023 460
2SOVnmTo3P April 20, 2023 652
VuAYyHE1BJ6 April 18, 2023 594
HXk5jPYfdx1 May 9, 2023 157

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No ads!! I love this game. Hopefully there will be more updates to come adding more treasures to collect and what not.👍👍👍 Only thing that bothered me was the corners. Turning a corner that have a .000002 second of a reaction time to grab something that spawned is insane. Either don't have it spawn within a 1ish second or only allow it to spawn when following the loot trail. Aside from that it's a really fun game.

A fun little game. Doesn't deluge you with ads or pester you to spend money in a cosmetic shop. Only real complaint is that the visual signposting on some of the obstacles could be clearer. Sliding obstacles in particular tend to come out of nowhere and require very quick reactions. The obstacles that make it look like you have to jump but then smack you into a low ceiling are also annoying. Minor points of improvement aside, it's a fun game and I recommend it.

Very fun game! Solid gameplay, doesnt pester you with ads or gimmicks (cannot emphasize enough how much I appreciate this). The little catchphrases that the knight has are silly and fun, and I love the chicken suit. There is a persistent bug that I've come across, though, and that is that every time you're about to go through a smashable archway during mana madness in a non-center lane, the game crashes. Overall, though, I've been playing this for 7 years and I'll keep coming back for many more!

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Dive into an endless dungeon of traps, chasms and creatures in pursuit of loot! He's Back, Baby!

- Updated game engine using the very latest in Turkey Meat technology!

Name One Epic Knight
Version 1.4.26
Price FREE
Rating 4.5 (24726 ratings)
Category Codes
Update March 12, 2023
Get it on Google Play
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