OneBit Adventure is an unusual role-playing game with roguelike elements. You have to explore endless territories in search of untold riches and fight the terrifying monsters that live there. The peculiarity of the RPG is that you need to direct the character up, opening up new areas. At the same time, the location moves up behind the hero, preventing him from reaching the top edge. If you send the hero down, he will die. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully calculate the path so that the ward does not have to return and die ingloriously. The character can be upgraded as you progress through the locations. The OneBit Adventure game for Android received high-quality graphics in a pseudo-pixel style, good animation, original soundtrack and many interesting levels, each of which has something new.

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Gift Codes Expiration Date Total
mM6P5RZVfOG January 29, 2023 302
2msZaVeyrtLi March 24, 2023 789
NwYGPuk5U9 February 19, 2023 511
c4Q8qVFRmWP March 10, 2023 184
ra0EJqXbZIp March 25, 2023 225

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Wonderful game, but the ads are very finnicky. You can't x out of them because the screen is so zoomed in. I tried closing the game and going back in but it just takes the ad away and doesn't count it on the counter for VIP. I've tried zooming in and out, side to side, but it doesn't work. I've even tried to go back but that doesn't work either, the screen is frozen stuck and you HAVE to exit and close the game for it to work.

This game is simple and highly adictive. there is lore in the diolouge so if you're looking for a game that reminds you of the older 8 bit games like Pokemon and Mario but is still in its own right unique. you found it. you get to pick a class and then build you're character stats. so even if someone else chooses the same character or class as you. you're still not going to be the same. I personally resent defeated the hydra. very fun boss. but I don't think I'm ready for cathulu yet lol.

I love this game! It's small/simple to learn yet has many facets. I also highly value the fact that it doesn't require wifi/data and that watching ads is optional. However, not everything is saving for me (I got some buffs for defeating bosses that don't show). All in all, this game is fantastic!

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Turn-based roguelike RPG. Endless adventure. No popup ads. No loot boxes. - Add 4 new Blood Knight Skins (2 limited to December and 1 limited to January 2024)
- Fixed widow accounts not being able to go back online

Name OneBit Adventure (Roguelike)
Version 1.3.87
Price FREE
Rating 4.6 (15268 ratings)
Category Codes
Update January 28, 2023
Get it on Google Play
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