Occidental Heroes is an epic saga that celebrates the courage and resilience of extraordinary individuals who have left an indelible mark on history. From legendary figures like Joan of Arc and King Arthur to modern-day heroes like Rosa Parks and Nelson Mandela, this series explores the triumphs and sacrifices of those who fought for justice, equality, and freedom. Through exhilarating battles, heart-wrenching sacrifices, and inspiring acts of bravery, Occidental Heroes brings to life the extraordinary stories of these remarkable individuals, reminding us of the power of human spirit and the ability to change the world.

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Excellent tactical gameplay. Using the the terrain and the skill gained from countless fights to pull off a flawless victory against ten bandits will never get old. The quests on the other hand can be a little monotonous. I dont think ive read any other words than "Damn those" in the yagight hunt for a long time. EDIT: New update slaps, definitely worth buying the ad free version

I played game a few months ago and thought it was a cool concept, the fight sequences were not bad by any means, but it was definitely hard. One wrong move could mean restarting. With this new system in place with actual stats and uncertain damages, the game feels so much better! I uninstalled it awhile back for some idle game, definitely not getting rid of it now. So good.

Near perfect. I just have one issue. The game, its gameplay, and its quests are wonderful. The weapons and armor upgrading system is great, and the combat system fits well. However, I have just one big issue. Being as good as the game is, I would expect there to be something put in place to help you notably gain resolve, or to help lose less. My issue, especially with big and tough battles, is that you lose too much resolve early on. I would be more happy if you add healing to help with that.

This is a 3 star game at best. My props to the developer for the idea, it's a good one. But there is a distinct lack of variety to the content included. There are essentially 4 types of battles: escort missions, delivery missions, kill the problem character missions, and random encounters, which all essentially boil down to 3 choices: fight, persuade, or bribe. Now it is a work in progress, and has a lot of potential, but it needs a lot of fleshing out.

It's a good enough game. A great time waster. It's fun, and handles ok. However...there are flaws. Lemme be blunt. The combat is wack. It can be good, but there are several senarios you'll he faced with a large group of enemies. Most I ever saw was...10 or 12? And you only have 4 and that's with a perk. It's super unbalanced. When you have to rely on the random environment to bring a helping hand it's bad game design. Especially because enemies can easily swarm you. The quests tho are amazing.

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Roguelike retro RPG with exploration, quests and turn based tactical combat. - SDK update
- Enhanced edition
- Fix for enemies being unreachable in map generation.
- Fix for various crashes and glitches. Thank you players who allow crash reports and analytics, they are invaluable to fixing bugs. And please directly report nonfatal bugs that bother you.

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