Our sports decisions are an ink-wash portray seen type. All Ninja realm’s landscapes are filled with vitality. Immerse your self in this ink world and luxuriate in a lingering refreshing sense of battle. Ninja, Samurai, Oni, and the upheavals intertwine behind a deep intrigue. As a youthful ninja, it would be best to combat the puzzles within the course of the boss and therapy to disclose the reality of Ninja Realm. The battle within the period of Bosses with distinctive expertise. Equip Weapons and Relics to strengthen your self.

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CLT1Vtxxxxx Get

- Gold x2956K, Gems x542, Coins x89436

bkhPfKxxxxx Get

- Diamonds x298, Money x83156, Resources x5916K

Ninja Must Die Codes

List of Ninja Must Die Codes

Gift CodesExpiration DateTotal
sQbe6G8MEYkJune 12, 2023749
V5ILQlNvPWG4May 29, 2023602
BspD8O7mJrJuly 11, 2023378
40gwDrvZiRnMay 24, 2023862
w6homi7bTtIMay 21, 2023677

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Ninja Must Die Tier List

This game is honestly quite amazing, the graphics and story are very good and game controls are fun but a bit difficult to get used to but you'll eventually get the hang of it. It's honestly a really fun game to pick up to play on your free time. Would definitely reccomend anyone to play it. The only issue I have is that it's hard to acquire jades, I wish there were more ways to acquire jades. It sorta makes you feel under leveled. But overall the game is pretty fun.

This game is great, I used to play the old version of this and the changes are definitely upgrades. The dialogue skips sometimes and I hope they don't use the 'fall in a hole die instantly' mechanic for much longer. Finding all the things to upgrade my ninjas is a bit clunky as well. But the story is actually really cool and the gameplay is so fun!

This game is incredible. I've been consistently playing since launch. So far, I've only come across a couple glitches. First there are times when the screen glitches and flashes what's supposed to be there. I haven't been able to find what causes it, but it often happens after a bounty. Second is when the game just closes out. These don't happen often, but warranted bringing. Other than that, gameplay and graphics are smooth and the game is easy to learn and fun to master.

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Ninja Must Die Wiki

Be a Ninja Hero ! The new version [The Great War - Eve] main storyline chapter 8 debuts!
The popular ninja Pepper comes back for the first time and joins the regular pool!
Exclusive skin [After Class - Pepper] debuts!

[Main storyline chapter 8 update]
In order to overthrow the samurai and create a new era, Hayashiro plans to declare war on the samurai!
What will happen to the ninja with different beliefs, and what kind of conflict will break out between the ninja and the samurai...

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