NecroMerger is an addictive idle merge game that will have you hooked for hours. In this dark and mysterious world, you play as a necromancer, combining various creatures to create a powerful army. Merge zombies, skeletons, and other undead beings to enhance their strength and conquer the realm. Expand your spooky empire, unlock new creatures, and witness epic battles unfold. With its simple yet engaging gameplay and captivating visuals, NecroMerger is the perfect game for those who love idle merging and the supernatural.

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- 10 resources, 5 items, 100 gold, 20 gems, $50, 5 diamonds, 3 rubies, 2 pieces of equipment, and 50 gold.

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- 1000 gold, 500 gems, $50, 100 diamonds, 200 resources, legendary equipment, and 5 rare items.

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Tgf5Skmy904November 6, 2023
DTQfovcxy6196November 12, 2023
4VuaITwj2613October 2, 2023
n7vEZOIHD6R380September 30, 2023
f8dltS0O7x295October 1, 2023

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NecroMerger – Idle Merge Game Tier List

5 Star for the music alone. I don't know if the main hub music has always sounded so good from the beginning, or it changes the more you level up the Devourer. But it's really good. The gameplay is simple and sometimes annoying when you want to progress but have no resources, so you have to wait for the meters to fill in a few hours. Then there's the space, it seems like there's never enough but just enough at the same time.

Been playing this for a bit now and honestly can say it's a good little time killer for sure. Unfortunately your game is lacking in some areas. Like the freakin placement registry of creatures or items that are larger than the square. Its so infuriating to try to move something to a specific spot only for the game to not register its placement because it thinks it's to big or it can't tell what the heck you're trying to do. on the sprites and their placement registry.

Really great game. The pixel art and music is top quality. My only issue is the pacing. There are times when the progression is very slow. You can clear out multiple objectives quickly and then suddenly hit a wall that takes a week+ to move on. I played for months before deciding to purchase the no ads forever. I highly recommend it if you enjoy the game, because it lets you do so much more daily without watching ads. The game really is worth it if you want to play long term.

After playing this game for a quite a while on and off and putting just a little money into it, I can say it's the best merger I've played. It has a lot of character and content (I just unlocked a new event and I'm pretty stoked), you can play free with some ads and make decent progress, and the gane overall works flawlessly. They threw some timed-repeatable events in there that differs just enough from the main game. I hope we can have the Life's a Beach event each year :D

I can't seem to put it down. 10/10 Pixel Graphics, Music, and Story. I can't wait to get my little beast to eat the world. It maybe slow at first but if you give it time and learn space management. This game gets Better. I can't wait to do my Second Reset. Love the new update. Even more monsters to collect. I hope to see how it ends or will it go on forever. Either way I will never stop playing. Keep up the good work Devs!

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Merge monsters to feed the Devourer in this idle merge game mashup! + New items added (including Planks, Chicken Feed, Goblets) available from the Merchant and store trades. Greater variety in Daily Gifts too.
+ Balancing and visual tweaks to Forgotten Minions.
+ The ability to stop Feed warnings has been added to the Champions and some other characters.
+ “Hold to auto tap” has been added.
+ The game’s UI has been updated, with a lot of text made quite a bit bigger.
+ Foul Chickens can be added to the Crate! (Note, the Chicken’s timer resets)
+ New bug fixes.

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