Mys Tyler is the ultimate destination for women’s fashion. With a curated collection of stylish and modern clothing, they offer the latest trends at affordable prices. Whether you’re looking for a chic work outfit, a trendy dress for a night out, or casual essentials for everyday wear, Mys Tyler has you covered. From flattering tops and jeans to elegant dresses and accessories, their wide range of fashion choices will make you look and feel fabulous. Experience the joy of dressing up with Mys Tyler and embrace your unique style.

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Love the concept, but hate the buggy app. Some serious technical improvements are needed to make this app usable. Every time I try to use it, I end up having to close it because I can't click on things I'm trying to click on, it starts scrolling by itself, etc. It almost seems like it was never tested. I'm only taking the time to write this critical review because it has so much potential to be a wonderful fashion app...I truly love the idea of it!

App is very buggy, when trying to like something it doesn't work and then it lags and likes a whole different thing you didn't click on, the app freezes and blacks out and you have to leave the app and log back in. Just had the app for 5 minutes and it's already a hassle. Needs the issues/bugs fixed. Other than that, it nice to see outfits and styles other post that look like me.

Great concept, needs UX improvements As others have mentioned, it seems like the devs may have rushed a release & didn't test this for bugs or usability before launch. I've contacted them multiple times about issues & never heard back, even to confirm they received my email. The app is about 50% functional at the moment and less so optimal. Some links you can't click on, some profiles you can't get to, autoscroll is a big nuisance, and for these reasons I hardly use the app. A bit of a shame.

I love getting inspiration from all your fabulous contributers, but the app is so full of bugs that it's impossible to use. I uninstalled it and reinstalled but there is no improvement. It's really frustrating and I'll stop using it until an updated app is designed.

This is a great idea in theory, but it's quite disappointing in reality. I think you should be able to choose which characteristic is most important, i.e a large bust. I also think you should add information about your style to find people who have similar tastes to you. I didn't find the app very user friendly and it's generally just outdated in its overall feel and colour palette. I think there is good potential but lots of changes need to be made!

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